Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NYC: The Bakery

It's nearly my bedtime, but there's a lot to tell about my weekend, so I'll begin with what is naturally easiest to talk about. Magnolia Bakery. No surprise there.

However, I didn't have my heart set on going. Rather, I had hoped to try a new cupcake shop, but got a bit turned around in the Village and ran out of time.

I certainly ordered a lot for a person who didn't have her heart set on going!

Magnolia Bakery

I went in with the intention of getting only one cupcake.

Magnolia Bakery

But there, on their baking trays, they looked so delicious that I ended up grabbing two. (We ate them late that night on the car ride home).

Magnolia cupcakes

It was the banana pudding that I had to eat immediately.

Magnolia banana pudding in the Village

Delicious! But I have to say that my roommate's pudding the week before tasted exactly the same and just as good. I do think it was the Magnolia recipe she used.

Magnolia Bakery

The cupcakes were good, but just as I've mentioned before, they are still probably my least favorite. Still, I'm glad I gave them a second chance. And the bakery is clearly adorable, and in itself, worth visiting, even without any treats.

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