Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"More, more, more"

I’ve continued to make good use of my time this past week. . .and I'm going to warn you, this post recounts what I've been up to. . and it's kinda long!

Thursday night, my boss suggested we (my department) have a going-away dinner for me at Big Fred’s. I was so blessed by those who came to hang out and help me celebrate my new venture. Afterward, Shae & I watched “Dancing with the Stars” and I voted for Drew & Cheryl several times :). She gave me a CD mix of songs we loved in high school and into college. I love it! (The summer before college, we’d drive around and listen to her Salt ‘n Pepa cassette tape all.the.time, because she didn’t have a CD player. I love reminiscing about those times.)

Friday, I took the day off and got almost all my packing (of clothes) done! The Lucky shopping manual is my new best friend. It shows you the basics you need when building a wardrobe (ie: 3 pairs of work pants, one fun colored pant, one evening pant), so I just went through and packed those things (and some extras). I can’t wait to mix and match! The manual made it so simple to pack . . I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

Friday night, AG was celebrating her mother-in-law’s birthday with her husband’s family. Since I know (and love) their family, they invited me over. Between the 3 brothers getting together with their funny sense of humor and their parents telling stories about when they were younger, there were a lot of laughs, as usual.

Saturday, I went prom dress shopping with my sister and mom. We found the cutest dark coral dress with a ruched front and back and a gold sequined strip up the front and over the shoulders. I’m so excited for Alyssa. She’s going to look beautiful. After shopping, we both got pedicures . . something I haven’t had done in a few years.

That night, I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday with AMC, their baby, their brother, his fiancée, and their little sister. Back at their house, little sister and I played Dance Dance Revolution and a few games of Memory. The great thing about hanging out with AMC is that it doesn’t matter what we’re doing. I don’t have to be entertained with them . . I can do nothing and not wish I was somewhere else . . and that’s not something you can say with everyone. They got me a “You’ll Be Missed” balloon and L gave me a very sweet notecard that I’ll probably read 100 times :). I’ll miss Baby Triston, too. He’ll be walking next time I see him.

It's AMC!

Sunday, after church, I went to my favorite place for breakfast with BF. She & I both got one of their delicious potato casseroles. Mine had chicken, broccoli, potatoes, roma tomatoes, green onions, Monterey jack, and ranch dressing! Then we went shopping for the rest of the afternoon. Between Saturday and Sunday, I’ve gotten some great deals!

Mom had a family dinner last night, so my brother and his family and my two grandmothers came over for dinner and dessert and a game. I was sad to say good-bye to my niece and nephew knowing how much they’ll change in the next few months.

Last night, Alyssa and I hung out. She came along for my spa appointment and we both got a wax :) I got myotonolgy, too, which was the weirdest thing I've ever had done (not that I've had much done). It's like a non-surgical face lift that uses electrodes and you can feel your muscles twitching. It firms and lifts your face - very cool. I know I'm not old, but AG recommended it, so I had to try! After the appt, we went out for Maggie Moo's ice cream. Now I'm a big Cold Stone fan, but I have to admit - Maggie Moo's has better cake batter ice cream, believe it or not. I convinced Alyss to get that, while I got Fresh Banana ice cream with brownies and chocolate syrup . . soo good.

Today was my last day at work and it was so strange leaving. It doesn't seem real yet that I won't be going back. My co-workers were great. I got so many emails from people saying they'd miss me . . I was so blessed. One of my work friends even bought me a generous gift - a bunch of Arbonne products!! Another brought cookies and cupcakes.

I had lunch with my friend, Cara, and she gave me a book that she's mentioned a few times in the 2 years we've known each other. Now I have something to read on the plane! I’m ready to go, but I know the next few days will fly by too fast. It’s so strange to think that just one week from today I’ll be at my new job.

I just found out that they’re having a company outing this Saturday . . . we’re going to Disneyland. I’ve actually never been so I’m pretty excited! It will be great to be able to meet the people I'm going to be working with. Less chance of me being nervous my first day :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Last Weekend in Review

Aunt, Uncle & I at Remedy's (dancing)

Jenni, Lindsay, Sarah, me, and Micki at Sarah's b-day party (first three are my old roommates)


Me & S (Shae)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unprepared, but Entertained

I haven’t posted in a long time, I know. And it’s not like I’ve really been getting anything accomplished as far as leaving goes. My room is a disaster – I hate it and can’t wait to get organized, but it’s pretty overwhelming. I have a list of things to do and people to see, and I hope to somehow fit it all in. I do always underestimate how long it takes to get things done.

What I have done:
1. Bought a webcam/microphone so BF and I can still have face-to-face conversations :)
2. Bought speakers for my laptop since I obviously can’t bring a stereo.
3. Bought space-saver bags for my suitcase (they’re amazing!)
4. Bought a new pair of fun glasses (needed to use my insurance while I’ve got it)

There’s a theme here. Yes, going away is a great excuse to go shopping.

Instead of getting things done, I’ve been having tons of fun with my friends.

Friday, I went out with S for a delicious dinner at Firebirds and she treated me to a drink at a new martini bar. We stayed up late chatting and deciding what she should wear for her date the next day.

Saturday night, I went dancing with the Kickers at a bar in my own town and had a blast! We danced for 7 hours and it was the perfect end to months of dancing with them. The band was awesome! I couldn’t sleep that night, though, because my feet were throbbing.

Sunday, I went out to eat with my family and that night went to a friend’s surprise party. It was so great to see a bunch of people I don’t see often and won't see for awhile.

Monday, I ate dinner at A & M’s and we went to Coldplay!! They were just as amazing in concert as I imagined. But, next time I’ll pay more for better seats. I was so annoyed with how many people were moving around during the concert, and no one around us wanted to stand up . . . it’s a concert, people! Our friend said people in front of him got in a fight over the stand up/sit down thing. If I pay $70 for a ticket to see a band I love, I think I should have to option to stand up . . . am I right? AG said it was better than U2 (which we saw two months ago), but I’m hesitant to go that far. It’s hard for me to really compare the two because they’re very different. For me, both were equally amazing and I'd go again in a heartbeat.

Last night, I hung out with Jenni (my old roommate). I was so glad to spend time with her before I leave, because just as I'll be getting back, she and her huband will be moving out to Colorado.

I have only 3 days of work left, because I'm using the two floating holidays I've accrued to get things done. I'll post pics of my weekend soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Great Adventure Begins

I can finally announce the big news. After about 6 weeks of phone calls and a lot of waiting, it's finally a done deal. I'm going to San Diego . . for 4 months. And I'm quitting my job so I can do it. I gave my two weeks notice today and booked my flight for two weeks from Friday. Wow.

I wasn't looking when this opportunity presented itself to me, but it came at the perfect time. I was growing tired of what I was doing, but I was comfortable and didn't know what kind of a job I would really look for. My cousin out in D.C. gave me a call and let me know about a temporary job opportunity out in San Diego. He didn't have anything to do with this particular project but his company did. So he put in a good word for me (which helps since he's a partner) and gave me the name of the guy to call. Long story short, I'm going.

It may seem crazy to quit my job, especially since I just got promoted to the position I've wanted for 9 months, but this is such a great opportunity. I knew I didn't want to go any further with this company and even after a change in position, I still wasn't really satisfied.

This temporary job will give me great experience, look awesome on my resume, and get me out of my comfort zone. The scary part is not knowing what's going to happen after 4 months is up. Will I come back jobless? I hope not! One of the reasons I'm taking it is to be able to network and see what's out there and I hope, I hope get more of an idea of what I would really enjoy doing.

It's also an adventure. I've never lived more than an hour from home and to be honest, I've never really wanted to. I love my friends and family and I'm happy here, but at the same time, I don't want to be complacent. I have a desire to do more and perhaps this will somehow lead to that "more". And, I'll be able to experience living away without having to completely move. They are paying for my nice apartment, a rental car, my food, my gas, and other expenses. Plus, I'll make twice what I make now.

I'm not gonna lie . . I'm really nervous. At the same time, I really feel as though God has opened this door for me. No matter what lies in store, He will take care of me.

So, here I go on this adventure. And, if you read my blog often, my guess is you're probably going to get to know me really well these next few months, because this is going to be the one familiar thing I have out there.

There's a lot of unknown yet to be discovered. Will I make friends fast? Will I cry a lot and be homesick? Will I love it so much I won't want to come back? Will I discover, at least in part, a little more of what I want to do? Will I have as much fun as I hope to? Will I find a church I enjoy attending? Will I get the best tan of my life?

You & I are about to find out . . so stay tuned . . . .

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I have big news. BIG. Hopefully I can share by the end of the week.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Girl Time

Last night, I ate at a delicious Greek bistro with 8 other girls. I’ve eaten there before a couple times and enjoyed it, but last night was better than ever. We ate at the new location (the other one is very quaint and intimate down in an old part of town) and had an area all to ourselves. We all sat in a huge booth surrounded by pillows, pillars, and curtains . . great atmosphere. We started out with a hummus sampler and lavash for appetizers and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Four of the girls were pregnant but a couple still sampled the wine. CS had a little less than half a glass and after everyone else had taken a few sips of theirs, she said, “Wow, that was good” and we looked over to see that she had just downed hers. I guess you had to be there, but it was funny. I ordered the special of the night which was a chicken breast covered in melted Havarti cheeses and a spinach and artichoke cream, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed peppers. Dessert was vanilla crème brulee. A-ma-zing.

It’s getting a bit harder to be the only non-married person there, not to mention that all but two of us have kids. Usually it isn’t that big of a deal, but last night the subject of husbands and kids seemed to be pretty common – it’s only normal. I’m just totally not at that place, not even close . . at least I don’t think so. . and I don’t have a problem with that . . it just means I can’t relate.

Nevertheless, there were still a lot of laughs and I had a great time.


9 lasts:
1. cigarette: not ever
2. beverage: Water
3. kiss: XB, three months ago
4. hug: my friend, AnneG
5. movie seen: Brown Sugar
6. cd played: World Mandate 2002
7. song listened to: Keith Urban, I’m Gonna Cry
8. bubble bath: probably a couple years ago
9. time you cried: driving home after I watched “End of the Spear”

8 have you ever
1. dated one of your best friends: yes (maybe not BEST, but very good friends)
2. skinny dipped: Yes.
3. kissed somebody and regretted it: Ew, yes.
4. fallen in love: Yes
5. lost someone you loved: Yes.
6. been depressed: Yes
7. been drunk and threw up: No.
8. ran away: No.

7 states you’ve been to:
1 Alabama
2. Florida
3. Delaware
4. Kentucky
5. Arizona
6. West Virginia
7. California

6 things you’ve done today
1. Took a shower
2. ate a smoked turkey sandwich from Panera
3. Listened to the KAT 103 morning show on the way to work
4. got paid
5. read some blogs
6. worked

5 favorite things in no order
1. food
2. music
3. quality time with friends
4. shopping
5. the lake

4 people you can tell [pretty much] anything to in no order
1. God
2. Mom
3. Micki (BF)
4. Joy

3 wishes
1. I wish some of my friends knew the Lord (that don’t already)
2. I wish weekends were 3 days long
3. I wish I could go on vacation right now

2 things you want to be when you grow up
1. Someone who reaches their potential and, in doing so, brings God glory
2. A good wife, mom, and friend

1 thing you regret
1. Being complacent too often

Thursday, February 09, 2006


4 Jobs I’ve Had:
1. Movie theater
2. Nanny
3. Beer Shack girl at a golf course
4. Outside sales rep for a stone veneer company

4 Movies I could watch over and over:
1. Anne of Green Gables
2. How to Lose a Guy . .
3. Love & Basketball
4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

4 Places I’ve Lived:
1. Dorm in Lincoln
2. Apartment full of girls - Omaha
3. With a married couple - Omaha
4. At home in F-town

4 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. The Cosby Show
2. Law & Order
3. (used to love) Newlyweds
4. O’Reilly Factor

4 Places I’ve Been on Vacation
1. Washington D.C.
2. 3 islands in the Caribbean
3. Austin/San Antonio
4. San Diego

4 Websites I Visit Daily
1. http://www.hotmail.com/
2. my work website(s)
3. http://www.luvthislife.blogspot/.com
4. http://www.lindsayblake.blogspot.com/

4 Words I Love
1. Hola!
2. True
3. Boodut
4. Badonkadonk (ok, not really)

4 Things I Love to Eat:
1. Wheat Thin Chips
2. Chicken sandwiches
3. Lasagna
4. Ice Cream

4 Places I’d Rather Be:
1. on vacation, pretty much anywhere
2. shopping somewhere (that is, if I had money)
3. out to eat
4. on a couch watching a movie

4 Books I’d Read Over and Over
1. Bible
2. Enjoying God
3. Desiring God
4. Anne of Green Gables series

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Baby Birthday and Bowling

Yesterday, I woke up feeling better than ever and decided to be productive. Bad idea.

I tried to clean my room, not realizing that so much activity would really wear me out. After organizing for less than half an hour, I just wanted to take a nap (and I'd had a lot of sleep). I was determined to go to Triston's 1st birthday party so I popped a few pills and headed for the Big O. By the time I got there I wasn't feeling any better. I wanted to crash on the couch, but that wasn't an option. I tried to have conversations with AMC and members of their families . . and a couple other married couples I knew that had come over. . . but I could barely move my mouth to properly form the words. I mean, I could, but it didn't feel very good!! Later on, L told me that her cousin thought I had a hangover . . . nice.

AMC asked if I wanted to go bowling after the party (with several other couples we knew). And, you guessed it, I couldn't say no! I had planned to leave early and go home for a movie, but when something fun was presented to me, I just couldn't pass it up. That's "Miss Memory Maker, Queen of Fun" for you. What's wrong with me!?

On the ride there, I was sleeping (and probably drooling) in the back seat. Once we arrived, the place was packed. They said we'd have to wait awhile for a lane. At this point, I was wishing I had stayed in the car to nap. There were video games and pool to play, so I decided to go for a game of pool. And guess who wanted to play? The Grrrlfriend and her sister. After losing really bad, The Grrrlfriend asks me "Are you drunk?" Grrrrr.

Once we got settled into our lanes and I got some soggy french fries and a few more pills into my system, I started to feel better. They started up the cosmic bowling after our first game and L & I turned into dancing machines. I was glad I had gone bowling and I knew I would be. I always have fun with that gang.

As I was getting ready to leave, The Grrrlfriend walks up to me and says "Next time you hear a noise, you can call me since 'Simon' won't come." (Referring to the other night when I got scared and called him.)

I thought: "I didn't ask him to come over. And, if I had, he would've come if you weren't such a controlling, jealous . . . person that God still loves and I need to love, too. And why would I call you when, after a year, I still don't know you very well?"

I said, "Oh . . well, I don't have your number."

"I'll have to give it to you. Then you can call me if you hear any noises."

I thought: "No offense, but it wouldn't exactly make me feel better to have you come check things out. In fact, I'd probably be more scared. Not to mention, how often do I house-sit? I don't think this is going to happen again."

I said, "Oh, I didn't hear any noises. I noticed the door was shut though I didn't shut it and Jewel was growling at something outside all night." I walked away.

What D said I should've said, "Grrrlfriend, if I wanted 'Simon' I could've had him a long time ago." Tempting, but I'm glad I didn't say that.

I understand being a girlfriend and not wanting your boyfriend to go over to another girl's place . . that's why I didn't ask him to come over! I just wish we could all be friends and he could act like my friend still. I want to like her, folks, but it's not easy.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I loved what I found on Dove Eyes:

"we are more inclined to think about Jesus inviting us to his house but Jesus wants to be invited...Jesus never forces himself on us. unless we invite him, he will always remain a stranger.""even after he has taken much of our sadness away and shown us that our lives are not as petty and small as we had assumed, he can still remain the one we met on the road"

[Jesus has always been such a gentleman with me and he often has great impact in my life on the road- when i decide to take a walk with him but i don't think i have ever really invited him into the hospitality of my home. he has been over before but i am a terrible host and i don't think he has ever felt welcome]

"we have to be able to say more than 'this is interesting'. we have to dare to say, 'i trust you; i entrust all my being, body, mind, and soul to you. i don't want to keep any secrets from you. you can see everything i do and hear everything i say. i don't want you to be a stranger any longer. i want you to become my most intimate friend. i want you to know me, not only as i walk on the road and talk to my fellow travelers, but also as i find myself alone with my innermost feelings and thoughts. and most of all, i want to come to know you, not just as my companion on the journey, but as the companion of my soul"

"our fear of being completely open and vulnerable is equal to our desire to know and to be known"

"my deepest desire is to love and to be loved, and that is possible only if i am willing to know and be known"

-henri nouwen (with burning hearts)

Little Life Update

I've been so bad about blogging lately . . as if I've had better things to do. Today was Day 2 of laying around after getting my 3 wisdom teeth out. I didn't realize how limited my food choices would be . . . somehow thought there were more mushy foods out there. But I'm stuck with jello, pudding, applesauce (why does this house only have unsweetened?), mashed potatoes, and ice cream. What I want is a nice, juicy burger! I rented some good movies I've been wanting to see . . "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (even though I'm not a fan of Brangelina), "Flightplan", and "In Her Shoes". My favorite was movie #3, even though I love action and suspense. My jaw is still pretty sore and the ibuprofen just doesn't seem to do the trick. However, I have no headache today which is what I most care about. Last night it was terrible, and I was trying to fall asleep, while my dad is snoring/moaning/making any number of strange noises down in the living room. I shut my door, turned on the radio and still heard him! I was so desperate to fall asleep and not feeling well, I started to cry. You know that feeling when you're so tired yet you're wide awake and sleep just seems hopeless. Finally I woke him up, as I was on the verge of tears, and begged him to go to his own bed! The sleep that followed was deep and amazing . . I awoke with no headache! I'm hoping I'll be up for cleaning my room tomorrow . . we'll see. I'm sure I'll be up for AMC's little boy's 1st b-day party, though!

My sister and brother made a trip to Indiana today to pick up a furnace to be installed in my brother's new home. I wish I would've been up for a road trip, because I would've loved to have spent time with my siblings and to have seen my cousins. No fair that they get quality time and I'm stuck on the couch at home! Although, 12 hours in a pick-up truck doesn't sound that fun, no matter who you're with.

It's been awhile since I've mentioned the mysterious "opportunity", but the door has still not been shut. I got a call yesterday when my mouth was stuffed with gauze-perfect timing! (I definitely didn't take that call.) Fortunately, they were understanding, and I sent an email and called back today. It should only be a matter of days now before I know for sure either way what's going down. Then I'll be free to share!

On a similar, yet different note, my new position is going well. However, I have no free moments to check on blogs or write quick posts to my own, which is good and bad. Good, because I'm being more productive . . bad, because I get lazy and don't want to write once I get home, either. I'll just have to try to be better about it. . .