Thursday, September 29, 2011

In case you care to see . .

My Ring and Other Happenings . .

Oh, LIFE. Life is good. And super busy these days.

After two trips to the jeweler, my ring finally fits!  It’s true what they say – having a ring on your finger really kills your productivity.  I’d rather wave it around and watch it sparkle than respond to emails.

I am so, so glad I didn’t pick it out or even tell him what I wanted.  D did an awesome job, and I love it.  It’s so much more special to me knowing that he didn’t just fulfill a request.  

It’s also been fun to have him involved in the planning process thus far, as he wants to discuss every part of it and share his opinions.  The opinion-sharing is valued, but I won’t say we agree on everything either. Let’s just say it’s facilitating some more discovery of who each of us are, haha.

The next month looks especially crazy for us, and we’re trying to take it all day by day.  Tonight we drive to Charlotte for an entire not-even-day to discover if the Queen City will be our future home.  On the one hand, it’s incredibly exciting, but I think we’re still in process mode wondering what it will be like leaving a city that has become my, and has always been his home.  I love it here so much . . but I love my fiancĂ© way more.

In other exciting news, my mom will be here in just one week to shop for my gown, and the following weekend I have the honor of being a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding in Hilton Head.  I will most definitely need to post pictures of the event, along with my visit to HH and Savannah!

Let's get started, October! :)

Friday, September 02, 2011

Five Happy Things

I’m in the middle of an ‘end of summer’ post. Maybe it will make up for my delinquency these past few months?

In the meantime, here are some things bringing me a little happiness lately:

1. Peach fro-yo with coconut shavings. Oh, Yogen Fruz. (I am ordering everything peach these days, because the season is almost over - sob.)

2. My PNC Virtual Wallet bank account. You may question my sanity when I say I’ve spent a few hours this week ‘playing’ with my new bank account. But, this account set-up rocks. It gives me 3 accounts for spending, short-term savings (set-aside money), and long-term (no touch) savings. Instead of remembering how many withdrawals are pending or which bills are coming up, I can set money aside in advance and always know exactly how much I have to spend. It’s also an easy way to save more.

3. Allegra, Nasonex, and eye drops. My throat, eyes, nose, and ears are thanking me.

4. Pinterest. Oh my. I was slow in signing onto this new craze, but if you follow me, you know about my obsession these days. It’s a fun and easy way to catalogue pretty images that inspire me and help me to narrow down my style. I already had a gazillion posts starred on Google Reader, so now I can go back and pin the photos I love.

5. The upcoming 3-day weekend, of course. We’re spending a day in Charlottesville, Virginia, and I can’t wait to discover a new, pretty place and eat some good food.

Happy Labor Day!