Saturday, August 30, 2008

Football Season is Here

Here I sit, in front of the television on a Saturday afternoon.

That will be the opening sentence of every Saturday blog post from now through the 15th of November.

This weekend I turned down a weekend trip to the Jersey Shore with all my girlfriends just to watch the first game of the season at the bar. Had it been on national television, thus able to be watched from the beach house, I still would've stayed in D.C. There's just something about being with 300 Hus.ker fans on football Saturdays.

I have been elected the Game Wa.tch Coordinator this year, so my duty is to handle the raffle every weekend. It's a fun way to get people excited, although the prizes are sometimes less than desirable. And the money goes toward a scholarship fund that sends a D.C. kid to school at the University.

I'm about to paint my toenails red and start playing the fight song.

Happy Game Day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Boston Harbor

Miss her!

Summer Weekend

Not wanting to blog is not the issue. It's wanting to blog at the wrong times. I only feel like blogging at work, and I refuse to do it. Yet when I get home, my life seems much less interesting to write about. But I will write anyway . .

My birthday par-tay last weekend was pretty fantastic, I must say. Not only was it held at a pretty sweet rowhouse in D.C., the food was delicious. One of the hosts made smoked ribs, corn on the cob, two types of salad, beans, and more. My music mixes provided the perfect background noise on the patio, and I had a wonderful time flitting from one guest to the next. I felt very blessed that so many people would come just to celebrate my day . . and I especially loved the ones that brought a bottle of wine! :)

I can't believe my party hosts were people I met at a bar just one year ago (the ones the Texan introduced me to). I can't wait to be back at that bar with them this Saturday for the first football game of the season!

On Saturday, I went to a BBQ hosted by my boating boys and received a new pair of ski gloves for a birthday gift. I hope to try them out next weekend! We played many games of Cornhole (bean bag toss), (in which I consistently kicked some serious butt), threw around the football, and just relaxed. We filled our stomachs with seasoned, boiled shrimp, grilled pork loin, bbq beans, potato salad, pasta salad, and chips and dip. And dessert? was s'mores around the firepit after dark. The perfect summer BBQ.

This summer has been wonderful, and I'm a little sad to see it winding down, but football season will be totally worth it!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been back from a wonderful birthday weekend in New England, and I haven't said a word about it! My initial thoughts:
  • My best friend and her husband are so fun to be with!
  • Most delicious weekend I've had maybe ever! I can't believe my pants still fit!
  • So much fun packed into three days! And loads of pictures, of course.
  • I miss them already!

Currently I am up too late (as usual!) putting together a few mixes for my birthday BBQ tomorrow night. Making a good mix is harder than one would think! Does anyone have any ideas? I need one semi-chill mix for the BBQ and one "groove/funk" mix for later on (not my words). What artists/songs would you put in a mix?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Celebration #2

Typically my birthday is celebrated only once per year , on my birthday. But this year, I'm totally banking on good food and fun times. Tonight my roommate Lyn, the fabulous cook, made an extravagant meal that has me stuffed to the brim.

On the menu:
Gewurztraminer white wine
caprese salad (tomatoes with bufalo mozzarella and balsamic vinegar/olive oil)
Bul go gi (beef marinated in soy sauce, sugar, garlic, pepper, sherry wine etc.)
Dak bul go gi (chicken marinated in the same)
mushrooms in same oil
white rice
crab cakes with chipotle aioli
cupcakes fresh from a bakery (served with milk)

I know . . you're so jealous. She is amazing!

I'm letting the food settle and going back for another cupcake! I think I'll have the strawberry shortcake.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Birthday Celebration #1

And what a gorgeous night to celebrate!  My friend and I met up on Capitol Hill for Mexican at Tort.illa Coast.  BBQ fajitas and chips and salsa filled my tummy . . but not enough that I didn't have room for dessert.  We headed to Grille for one of my favorite desserts, and a stoli doli (pineapple-infused vodka; drink slowly!) for each of us.  On our long walk to the restaurant, I exclaimed (as usual) how much I love it here and tried to snap a few pictures to show why.
And here is the coconut cream pie with its macaroon-style crust, coconut cream, and caramel rum sauce!