Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekend in Charlotte

I’m posting here to announce the BEST WEEKEND EVER in Charlotte. How I
ever drove away on Monday afternoon is beyond me.  That guy is
something else.  That’s probably why I’m marrying him. In 51 DAYS!

It is a strange thing walking into your future apartment and being
allowed to hang stuff on walls and move furniture and having very
important conversations about whether that ‘thing’ is a rug or a
tapestry and does it belong on the wall or the floor.

By the way, I think it’s best as a tapestry, and I assure you would
look great on the wall. Danny does not agree. See below.

Tapestry? (Danny painfully agrees to demonstrate).

Rug? (I painfully agree to lay the small tapestry at a slight diagonal
under the table to demonstrate its use as a rug).

To be honest, it will NOT remain in either location, but it was a fun
exercise in decorating together.

While he may not be on the tapestry train, he does have quite good
taste, and I look forward to hopefully making our space a cozy
reflection of our combined aesthetic. {I’ve been reading too many
design magazines.}

Our weekend also involved a belated Valentine date to the Liberty
(yummy!) and the movie “The Vow”.

I have this thing where I really fight crying at movies. I just find
it awkward to walk around with puddles of mascara under my eyes in a
public place. I made it about ¾ of the way through “Courageous”, but
that movie really wore me down! I was pleased that I had actually made
it all the way through “The Vow” with no crying, but alas there was
some serious tear duct build-up. And then, an abundance of crying and
hugging in the car. Needless to say, I really liked the movie. And I
really like my fiancé.

Other things we did during my visit included brunch, red velvet
waffles for dessert, a rotisserie chicken joint, more brunch, two
Insanity workouts (I'm still alive!), and a dance lesson! You can
add to the list of his noncritical but awesome qualities that
D has rhythm and is a fast learner.

And that is our weekend in a very big nutshell.

I love D.C., but I am so excited to get myself down to Charlotte to
start our life together!

P.S. I am really hoping to revamp this blog soon and begin posting
more often. It’s on my post-wedding ‘list’. So stay tuned . .

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Wishes

Valentine's Day is just five short days away, and I have been spotting a number of love-ly gifts that I would be oh so happy to receive. Of course, all I really want is dinner, a movie ("The Vow" please) and cuddle time with D . . and I am set to have it, if even a few days after the holiday.

But I thought, for fun, I'd still share the things I've been eyeing / craving this week. They may not be all red or romantic, but they have one thing in common - I'm loving them!

First up, Gorjana Love Ring Set. I don't have the longest fingers, so these dainty rings would be perfect.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

#2. Asos Pink Patent Watch. A pop of pink is always appropriate.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

#3. Crosley iSolo Radio. How cute is this guy? He doesn't just play the radio, he plays your iPod/iPhone, and streams Pandora.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

#4. Another watch! Dying over this beauty. Nixon's Time Teller Watch.

#5. Kate Spade 'Mrs' Necklace. How appropriate is this? Well, maybe not for a couple more months.

#6. Handwoven Turkish Beach Towel. Can you tell I'm dreaming about my honeymoon already? I want the aqua color! Or the pink!
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

#7. Coral Kate Spade Studs. I could never have too much coral! {It's one of my wedding colors.}

#8. A very cool D.C./Maryland map.
Source: via Laura on Pinterest

#9. Candy, of course! I am always craving some cinnamon bears.
#10. And finally and completely cliche . . CHOCOLATE! To be specific, I'd love some dark chocolate wafers.
Hope your Valentine's Day is high calorie and full of fun!

On the actual holiday, I will be fiance-less and curled up on a couch with my girlfriends re-watching a series we LOVE - "Friday Night Lights". I think chocolate and wine will most definitely be involved.