Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Month

I've been engaged for a month now, and on top of productive, it has been a sweet and exciting month. I'm looking forward to our wedding day, but everyone was right about the engagement period - it is really special and a time to enjoy, not rush through. 

We've set our date for April 14th, 2012.  That is six months away from this Friday! Just enough time to plan the wedding and get pre-marital counseling. Why wait any longer?

This month, we . . booked our venues, had our first pre-marital counseling session, opened our registries (just), decided on colors, chose bridesmaid dresses, looked at invitations, and did lots of brainstorming.

And this past weekend, I found my dress!

Through all of these things, we are really just so excited to start our life together.

I feel so blessed that I get to marry my very best friend. He is perfect!!! (for me)