Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Hunt

The housing hunt. It began as soon as I learned I'd be moving out here. CousinJ & K had already extended the offer of a month's stay at their home, but I didn't know how it would go and wanted to be prepared. I hate to be a burden staying with someone for free.

So far, though, it's gone so well. Their home is beautiful. They are so hospitable. They even insisted that I not buy a single food item while I live with them - they'd pick up whatever I wanted/needed - so I could save money. I get a free ride to work and back every day (except a few days that I've needed to take the bus). Best of all, I get to come home to family every night when everything else in my life is new and different. I haven't been homesick for a moment yet.

They obviously don't mind having me around either. In return for all they're giving me, I've agreed to baby-sit one night a weekend so they can go out and not pay $12/hr for a sitter! K also let me know that if I need to stay a bit longer, it's fine (she mentioned July 1st) so that takes some pressure off.

Last night was my first look at a house with a bunch of girls. So much about it is perfect, yet it just doesn't feel right. The price is unbeatable, the neighborhood is safe and nice with huge new homes going up all around, and the commute is easy, too. The house is so-so. It's tired and needs new living room carpet, but it's good-sized and not cramped. The issue is . . the girls. They are so nice . . but. But I don't know if I would enjoy living with them. I'm not looking for best friends or anything, but I'd like to be able to have some common interests with at least one of my roommates. I shouldn't judge . . I shouldn't think that I have nothing in common with them . . but sometimes you just know . . . you just know that you have different, shall I say, senses of humor? I mean, I was thinking, "I don't know if I'd want to have company over." They are so nice . .what's wrong with me? I'm afraid that I'd get . . annoyed maybe. I'm afraid that I wouldn't want to hang out with them . . that it wouldn't be fun for me. I mean, I could do it with one or two roommates like that, but four? Am I nuts? I'm not going to find anything that is priced like this in a good neighborhood . . I'm not. The place I'm looking at tomorrow is $200 more a month! That adds up.

Thoughts anyone?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lesson #1

My first lesson learned in D.C.:

Don't overestimate your short-term memory.

Yesterday, I spent a good half hour walking around the city not knowing which way was which . . east, west, north, south. . I didn't know. Upon closing my laptop (failing to check the metrobus website) and heading out the door at work, I realized that I had not confirmed which bus stop I needed to get to in order to get home. Keep in mind, though, that I had taken the bus home from work once . . er, maybe twice . . (there goes that killer short-term memory of mine). At any rate, I thought I knew where the bus stop was. I mean, not exactly . . I couldn't tell you which intersection it was at . . but I knew that once I got outside, it would come back to me.

The Lord does have a sense of humor, because He knows that I think I'm so great with directions. He knows that I don't like to admit when I'm lost either. Today, I had to admit that I was lost to 4 people.

First, the doorman in my building. "Sir, do you happen to know where the nearest eastbound bus stop is." Nothing.

Second, a co-worker (and fellow Nebraskan, I might add) of mine that I grabbed as he was leaving the building. He was kind enough to walk with me to a bus stop and give me directions as to how to figure out which bus stop it was that I needed to get to. I didn't heed his advice, because I didn't think I needed to "ask a bus driver [at this wrong stop] how to get to an N4 eastbound stop". Instead, I kept walking to various stops on various blocks, meanwhile I should mention that the heat index was 100 and I was melting.

Third, my mother whom I called and actually asked to get online and search for the metrobus site. I also mentioned to her in the same breath, "I'm so comfortable here in the city. I mean, I know I'm lost, but I'm going to find my way home. It's really not a big deal. I'm not worried about it." After about ten minutes, as I was very close to getting some valuable information, my phone died. My blackberry wouldn't pick up a signal.

Fourth, a Golden Triangle employee whom I stopped and asked about my bus stop. He proceeded to tell me my feet were pretty (I have always liked my feet) and walkie-talkied someone about the stop. He then gave me wrong information. I did just as he said and did not find my stop.

Finally, the dampness under my arms got to a point that I could no longer bear and I hailed a taxi and paid $12.60 + tip to get home.

I now humbly admit that I, L___, do not know my way around D.C. I know the intersection of my office building and I know how to get to Burberry, Anne Taylor, and Nine West from my office building. I vow to make no more claims about my stellar short-term memory or my amazing sense of direction. Neither exist.

Kiawah Pics

Ok, so my whole "I'm not posting pics for awhile" thing . . it was short-lived, because I really want to post pictures of my weekend.

First, one from Taste of the South (unfortunately, this is the only pic I have of myself alone, but if you want to see more, just let me know):

Introducing the beautiful, fun, well-behaved dog:

And the adorable, big-blue eyed, cutest baby in the District, Walker:


Long, Slow, Beautiful Weekend

The only thing missing this weekend was a friend to walk along the beach with. I suppose I could've taken a stroll with CousinJ & K, but I just wanted a close friend and good conversation.

The 8 hour ride south sucked! It sucked because I thought my 90-degree-angled seat in the Tahoe couldn't recline. K didn't think it could recline either. As a result, my back hurt all weekend from trying to get comfortable and sleeping in awkward positions. I couldn't believe that GM (I'm a big fan of GM) would miss something so important when creating such a wonderful, fully-equipped SUV. Well . . I should've asked my cousin, because it turns out the seats do recline . . I just couldn't find the lever. Imagine my delight upon discovering this as we began our trip back home. . . I almost cried.

I loved Kiawah Island. It's full of trees and marshes with over 700 alligators (I wanted to see one, but didn't). K's condo is right on the beach so all windows provide an amazing view. We kept the screen door open at all times for the breeze and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. The weather was perfect all weekend. Kiawah is unique in that you have to either have property or a condo or hotel reservation to even get on the island (there's only one hotel, The Sanctuary).

The first day, it was incredibly humid, but the breeze was constant and kept us cool enough. Despite my efforts to properly coat myself in SPF 15, I got pretty red. I did stay out for 5 hours, though, which practically nullifies the fact that I tried to protect my skin.

Day 2, we decided to give our skin a break, so K, Baby Walker, and I went to Charleston to shop at all the boutiques and walk around at the Piccolo Spoleto art festival. (CousinJ and K have some great paintings in their house, and I'd love to be able to do the same in my home someday.) K also showed me where she and J got married, since I wasn't able to go. Charleston was as neat as I imagined it would be with all the historical homes and buildings. I'd love to spend more time there someday.

Day 3, we laid out again. My skin had made an excellent recovery, so it was time for some more exposure. Again, no thanks to my sunscreen, I got burned. Really, though, that's the way it goes with my skin. I can't tan first. I must burn. But, it must not be too bad, because it always turns brown within 24 hours.

It being my last day, I just had to get in the water. I've been to the ocean a bunch, even in the last few months, what with my time in San Diego and my day trip to Ocean City, but I hadn't actually gotten in the ocean in 3 years! . . (the last time was Miami Beach). I love the water so much that I was almost giddy riding the warm ocean waves. I didn't want to get out!

That night, I had a blast baby-sitting Baby Walker and Isabelle, the dog, so that J & K could go out. We hung out on the balcony for a long time as the sun set. *Sigh* It was beautiful. I was just really jealous of all the people out for evening strolls or bike rides on the beach.

Needless to say, I had a great time and am hoping, hoping, hoping that I can go back someday!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Freak Out

Ok everyone. . some of you may not have noticed, but I had a little identity freak-out. From now on, I will remain "L", not Michelle, which is actually my middle name. I'm not posting my location anymore, but you all know where I am, and I'll probably reference it from time to time. I suddenly had a revelation that although this city is big, it's still so small, and I became afraid that someone at work would discover me. I would hate for that to happen, because I couldn't write freely anymore. It may seem like a contradiction, but I'm still going to post pics, just not for a little while, until I get over my worrying spell.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Weekend Starts Tomorrow!

My office'mate' is here. Yesterday was her first day. I had heard that she was intense and serious. But . . I like her. So far, she is very friendly and sweet. I'm kinda glad to have some company in here.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving work early to go to Kiawah Island in South Carolina for the weekend with CousinJ and K and Baby Walker . . and the dog, of course. K's family has a summer home there, so we'll be laying out on the beach all weekend and hopefully hanging out in Charleston some (because I've always wanted to visit). I'm so excited to have plans for Memorial Day since I can't be at Grandma's lake back in Nebraska.

It's driving me nuts that I haven't been able to post pics . . because you've gotta see the dog, the baby, my dress, etc!! It's too much of a hassle to plug into J & K's internet, because of the way it's hooked up.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

My First Gala

Last night, again, was a blast! K let me borrow the nicest, cutest dress ever. It was very Southern-looking, too. It was strapless, but not straight across - more like a heart, white with embroidered grass green and light green flowers. It fit tight above the waist and then was kinda pleated in the front and went just below the knee. I wore it with bronzy-gold shoes. I saw some cute dresses there, but wouldn't have wanted to be in any dress but the one I had on . . I loved it! Pink had recommended White House Black Market and the funny thing is that I saw about 4 girls in the same dress from there . . very cute dress (strapless with white and black striped pleats).

I wish I would've eaten more, but Ellie and Charlie were definitely more interested in consuming mass amounts of wine. They are both from Texas, so we spent most of our time at the Texas tables eating chips and salsa. We saw a few people we knew from work and visited with other people they knew. K had said there would be lots of cute guys there (not that I care) and I did notice a few. Actually, most people were with a date.

I met a guy who works for the CIA and has spent the last 9 years overseas "nation-building". We had a good time together and hung out with his friends. After the gala, we went out in Adams Morgan, a place known for being full of crazy, young people on the weekends. I wasn't thrilled about going, but it ended up being fun. Anyway, the guy is very nice and cute and everything, but I think he's going to call me again and I'm not sure if I really want to go out with him. I guess I'll have to play it by ear.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend Plans

Last night was soooo fun! Karaoke in D.C - way more fun than in Nebraska. I think it's because no one really took it seriously, and if they did, they were actually good and sang fun songs.

'Sharpdog' (a co-worker) and I sang "You're So Vain" in which he let me sing and he did voice-over and made random, funny comments throughout. We also did "Hypnotize" and I did so well that he told me, "I thought you were cool before . . but now . . now you're awesome." He is one of the people that interviewed me and he said I was the only one he liked because I was real. All of this just makes me breathe a sigh of relief, like "Ok, I'm going to make friends here and things are going well so far." Rochester was there, too, and I convinced him to get up and sing . . he did a Johnny Cash song. I also sang a country song with 'Ellie', one of the girls I went to lunch and shopping with. As I said, it was a blast! Ellie did say, "You fit in so well. You're going to love working with us. And we do this all the time." But I'm thinking, "I can't do this all the time . . go out to the bars all the time." I need to make friends at church.

Today, K and I went for a 4 mile walk with Baby Walker and she showed me the nearest spot for good shopping. I'm going to have to stay out of Barney's and Gucci, though! K did tell me to save up for the annual Neiman's sale, but no matter how much I knew I was saving, I don't know that I could spend much over $100 on anything.

Tonight, I'm going to Taste of the South! Rochester gave me his ticket, which is so great, because they are $90 and all sold out. It's formal, so I get to wear my fav dress (which isn't saying too much, because I only brought three). Actually I'm slightly worried now, because I noticed it's black tie and I didn't bring my really fancy dress (I knew I should've), so I hope the one I brought is ok! I'm going with 'Ellie' and 'Charlie' (another girl). There will be about 2,000 people there, I hear. It should be lots of fun. I'm not looking forward to paying the cab fare to get home, though, but I may as well get used to it. Last night it cost me $14 to get home. But, hey, I haven't been driving, so I don't pay for gas which is $3.22/gal here!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Girl Talk at Lunch

I just went to lunch with 6 girls from work and had a blast. Rochester's name was brought up and they all said he was like the big brother of all of them. Maybe I didn't mention before, but he's totally like that . . he'll look out for you and give you advice and stuff. Anyway, one girl said, "Yeah, before Rochester went to San Diego he said he wasn't really ready to date or anything, but now he says he is . . if it's the right girl." So I'm thinkin' maybe I changed his mind. I mean, he and I already discussed that we can't date for a couple of reasons, but I think it's kinda cool that maybe I helped him be more open to dating. I think he got burned last time. I mean, it could have nothing to do with me . . who knows. He & I are supposed to hang out this weekend, so hopefully it works out. A couple girls asked me to go shopping with them today. They're leaving work early to do it (by 2 hrs) and I'm tempted, because my "delegator" is leaving early, too, so he won't be giving me anymore stuff to work on, and what I'm working on now is stuff that I'll have all next week to do. Should I go? I really want to get to know the girls . . and what better way than to go shopping? Quick . . what do you think?


So far, I love this job. I've gotten to do so many different things already! Yesterday I worked on some PR stuff and also went to Capitol Hill for a press conference (unrelated to PR stuff). It was a small gathering, but there was a Grammy-nominated singer there advocating an issue . . we were the opposition. We were there, handing out a paper and a CD supporting our stance on the issue. I saw someone ask "the singer" for an autograph, so I decided to see if I could get him to unknowingly sign one of our CDs. Amidst the cameras and press, I walked up to him and asked him to sign my CD . . and he did it! He totally didn't know what he was signing. I felt a bit bad, since he was so nice, but it was a great way to get myself a little "publicity" back at the office since it made for a good laugh and Vanderbilt made sure to tell people.

Today, instead of riding with CousinJ, I took the Metrobus, which was a new experience for me, and a good experience at that. The bus driver didn't make me pay! I mean, it was only $1.25, but still. And they say people around here aren't nice! Anyway, I may take the bus more often. I didn't have to walk far at all.

Last night, we ate on the back patio for probably the 4th time this week. It's so nice to eat outside on the old stone patio with the nice yard and all the flowers K has planted. So peaceful.

I've gone from never watching TV to having it be a nightly thing. At this point, I don't have anything better to do, and it's fun to hang out with CousinJ and K.

I've been at work for nearly an hour now with nothing to do. I feel so bad just blogging and doing nothing, but my "delegator of tasks" isn't at his desk and hasn't replied to my email asking what I should work on.

Tonight, I think I may do Happy Hour with some work people. (K asked if there were young people here and there are lots, so that's good.) Staying downtown later means I have to find a way home. I don't have the bus thing figured out for the way back, so I'll either have to get a ride with someone or take a cab. I've taken a cab here a few times, but I've never had to hail a cab myself. Let's hope everything goes smoothly.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My First Day

I'm blogging at work . . already! I feel terrible about it, but they haven't given me a project yet! I did do a little research this morning, which was cool, because they showed me what the research was for . . I just love being a part of "big" things!

Right now, my office is a corner office, an old conference room, so it's big. It's cool to have a view and hear the city sounds outside. Cool, but very weird. However, there are a couple of other people that will be joining me in this office, so I don't have it to myself much longer. In the meantime, everyone is jealous, because most have cubes and even those with offices (unless they're partners or something) don't have a window. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, because I know we'll be getting more space soon and I'll have to move.

My First Day

My first day went really well. Walking down the street to the office, I felt like I was in a bubble being in such a busy, important city. I was afraid I'd be bored out of my mind and have to eat lunch alone, but neither happened. A few (3) people in my "department" asked me to lunch (which was on the company) so I was able to get to know them a little. In the afternoon, I was taken around the entire floor and introduced to probably 100 people (no exaggeration). I felt funny being taken from office to office and cube to cube, but it was great to meet people, including most of the partners and founders of the company. Now it won't be as awkward being the newbie, because I'm surrounded by faces I've already seen (though I definitely can't remember all their names).

After Work
K was so sweet to ask my mom what my favorite dish was so she could make it to celebrate my first day. However, she couldn't make my favs, which are salmon and lasagna, so she made this delicious chicken fettucine dish with the best garlic bread ever!

I went up to my room for the rest of the night to try to organize my closet. BF (best friend) called from Peru (she's there for a month serving at a church). It was SO good to hear her voice. (I had missed her call a few nights ago and was so upset). Then, Rochester called to ask about my first day, which was so nice of him. It was fun to discuss my first day's experiences with someone else who works there (he's not in the office Tues or Wed, though).

Today, I went to lunch with Virginia (another San Diego friend). However, I'm going to have to change his code-name, because I found out he's not from Virginia . . he's from North Carolina. So instead of referring to him by his home state, I'll choose his grad school instead, which is Vanderbilt. Anyway, lunch was good. He is so nice and, as always, entertaining to talk to.

So now I'm catching up on blogs and hoping so badly that someone comes in to give me an assignment of some kind.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

We Made It

I'm here . . in D.C.! The drive Friday went so well. The audio book sucked (in my opinion) so I put in my headphones and jammed out silently to my iPod which kept me wide awake! We loved driving through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. I know that I drove through these three states a month ago on my cross-country trip, but this was a different route and sooo much prettier. I did miss my turn coming into D.C. during rush hour, but remained calm and somehow got turned around. If you've never driven in D.C. . . well, it's not simple. Once you exit, you can't just get back on. I really was proud of myself for figuring it out. Sooo. . so far, I've driven 3 times in the D.C. area (including when I came for my interview) and I've missed a turn/gotten lost every time. On the positive side, this helps me get more of a feel for the area.

I absolutely love CousinJ & K's house!!! (my cousin and his wife) It's in a beautiful neighborhood with huge old homes and lots of trees, and it's right in D.C. They have been great hosts to Grandma and I and have even offered to provide all food for me so I can save money this first month while I stay with them. Baby Walker is adorable!! (He wore his green and white Ralph Lauren seersucker outfit to church yesterday.) I also love their yellow lab, Isabel. . she's so beautiful and well-behaved.

Since we've been here, we've seen the WWII memorial, shopped in Bethesda MD, grilled out delicious steaks, eaten at some great restaurants and visited their church. Today, us girls are going shopping again . . but this time I'm buying. I just want to feel very prepared when it comes to work clothes. I can't believe tomorrow is my first day!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

En Route

Folks . . I'm on dial-up. Last time I checked, it was 2006 . .??. . then again, I am staying with most frugal, yet wonderful, people I know . .

Ah well . . .

The first day of driving went well. The night before, I got less than 4 hours of sleep, because loading my car proved to be a greater feat than I'd imagined. Can anyone say 'unorganized'? But seriously, it's hard to know until you're actually leaving what you need to take and how the heck to best fit it in your car. I crammed the car full that night, and the following morning had Grandma, my traveling buddy, show up with not just one suitcase like she promised the night before, but also a sack of clothes for my cousins and a big bag of snacks and, lest we forget, the audio novel and some sermons on tape. I was a bit frustrated by this, especially when she made comments like, "MY, this car is full!" as if surprised that someone moving their entire life could possibly fill up a car with belongings. To put it in perspective, when we stopped for breakfast and I opened my car door, a bag fell out.

I drove the first 9 hours. We stopped at a restaurant in Iowa that we both love called "The Machine Shed" for breakfast . . we listened to a sermon (which I didn't mind; it was really good!) . . we ate popcorn . . and wheat thin chips . . and Dots. After the first 9, though, I was drifting off and having trouble staying on the road, so I reluctantly pulled over and let her drive the remaining 2 hours. (It's sometimes hard to let other people drive . . ie: my mother and my grandmother . . . I just got new brakes and was cringing at how late she decided to use them at the stoplights.)

Seeing my cousins has been great! I have 7 cousins and an aunt and uncle who live in a town south of Indianapolis. They are the most wonderful family to spend time with. They are an amazing example of a godly family and when you visit their home you'll have delicious meals, lots of laughs, and a fun, yet peace-filled, restful time.

Today we went shopping, which is something that is bound to happen when traveling with Grandma. We went to one of my favorite dept. stores, Von Maur, and yes, I bought somethinggg . . s. Then, we stopped at another store on the way home and I knew I should've left my purse in the car . . but I would've just run out in the parking lot to get it, because I found the cutest seersucker jacket and flowy, brown capris, and blue skirt, and brown shirt . . . and my mother is now breaking into a sweat, because now her daughter is going to be far, far away and she can't scold her when she brings home unnecessary packages and remind her to budget. Oh, but Mom, if only you knew how much I *saved*.

Tonight, we sat around looking at pictures on my computer and theirs. It's early to bed around here, which certainly hasn't been my motto for the last few weeks, er, months. Tomorrow I'll spend another day here and then it's off to D.C. I'm ready . . but trying not to think about it, because, really, I haven't much of an idea what to expect. My biggest concern at this point is, of course, what I'll wear the first day. I'll let you know what I decide. . .

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Going, Going, Gone

No time to post really. Feel exhausted and slightly overwhelmed. Hope Grandma doesn't plan on bringing anything other than one suitcase, because there's no more room in my car! It's 1 a.m. and we're scheduled to leave at 6 a.m. I don't know when I'll write next. Maybe in the next couple of days - at my cousins' house in Indiana, but maybe not. I can't believe I'm leaving, but really I haven't had much time to think about it. It's probably best that way. No sense psyching myself out.

Yesterday Grandma says:
"Laura, I got us a book series on audio to listen to in the car."

*Sigh* I'll let you all know how the book is.

(But really, I'm excited to spend some quality time with Uptown Grandma.)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Looking for an Apt . . and a husband?

You know, people tell you life isn't about money, but sometimes it really feels like it, doesn't it?

Dad informed me that getting new tires would be a really good idea before driving east. He suggested the Goodyears for just over $600, but when I cringed, he came down to $400 and said I'd probably be good.

Good thing we went for the cheaper, because guess who just called? The tire place . . of course saying that one of my brake pads is down to less than 10%, I need a new belt tensioner (because no way am I listening to my belt squeal all the way to D.C.), and I need new wiper blades (you mean that $6 blade I bought 4 months ago isn't good enough?). So, now the grand total is more than I would've paid for the Goodyears. I'm breathing a big sigh of relief that I went with Bridgestone.

I've been looking for a place to live on a VA church's Christian message board and I've found quite a few posts that have caught my attention. I've emailed a few people and have a couple places I might take a look at once I get out there. There have been a few posts that sounded phenomenal and have gotten me all excited only to find the rent is way out of my price range or the location is further than I care to live or the person posting sounds like a middle-aged cat lady (K, you know what I'm talkin about). Just as much as I don't want to go home to someone living an immoral lifestyle, I don't want to spend my evenings at home with a cat lady. (btw, I have a family cat that I love, but won't be taking with me . . but I am not a cat lady).

I went through all my 'stuff' yesterday . . as in, everything I own other than my clothes. Since I moved home a year ago, I'd forgotten about all the cute home decor I had and was disappointed to realize that no way was any of it going to fit in my car . . unless I left all my shoes behind. I am planning on shipping out the jewelry armoire I got for Christmas and a mirror I love, but I figure whomever I move in with will probably have the place decorated . . plus, I probably won't have a very big place anyway. After realizing that I will possibly only have a 10 x 10 area to truly call my own, I told Mom very matter-of-factly, "I'm going to have to find someone to marry so I can decorate."

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What I've Been Up To

What could I have been so busy doing these last several days that would prevent me from blogging, you ask?

Well, I wish I could say packing, but that would be a lie. Besides, why would I pack when I have an entire week left before moving my life halfway across the country? It's much more fun to hang out with friends and play around on Photoshop for hours at a time.

I did take a deep breath today and open my closet to begin to sort through my sizably sinful amount of clothing to decide what I can't live without. I was disappointed to discover that I didn't like much of what I found there. Normally this would be exciting, because it would be another excuse to go shopping (as if I need another excuse), but then I remembered that soon I will be living on a budget . . a budget that doesn't allow weekly shopping trips or the revamping of a wardrobe . . a budget that may only allow a strict diet of hot dogs and mac n cheese (and peas, of course). (Ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating.) At any rate, I'm pretty disappointed about the state of my wardrobe. Hopefully after a good night's sleep I will awaken with some fresh optimism.

I will say that I'm excited about the suit (and the shirt and the skirt) I bought the other day. I'd never tried on a suit before, and I loved it. I can't wait to wear it!

Uptown Grandma has decided to ride along with me in the car, which is something that I'm very happy about, yet not excited about at the same time. It will be nice to have company (because I rarely like being alone and don't particularly want to fall asleep at the wheel), but this does mean that I can only listen to about 5% of the music on my iPod . . . the very mellow worship music, Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, and those few Anne Murray songs I actually burned off her CD. It also means I might have to share a bed with her when we get to D.C. . . and the woman snores . . loudly. But, never mind all that . . I'm sure it'll be great. We'll be staying in Indiana for a couple of days visiting my cousins, which will also be fun. They are the most wonderful godly family and just being in their presence is uplifting.

Here are a couple of pics since I've been back in NE:

Cold Stone with Micks . . as always . .

Baby-sitting the twins a couple times

Seeing new babies

Attending possibly my last ever Kickers event (this time a few cousins came along)

Helping my sister get ready for prom