Friday, May 05, 2006

Looking for an Apt . . and a husband?

You know, people tell you life isn't about money, but sometimes it really feels like it, doesn't it?

Dad informed me that getting new tires would be a really good idea before driving east. He suggested the Goodyears for just over $600, but when I cringed, he came down to $400 and said I'd probably be good.

Good thing we went for the cheaper, because guess who just called? The tire place . . of course saying that one of my brake pads is down to less than 10%, I need a new belt tensioner (because no way am I listening to my belt squeal all the way to D.C.), and I need new wiper blades (you mean that $6 blade I bought 4 months ago isn't good enough?). So, now the grand total is more than I would've paid for the Goodyears. I'm breathing a big sigh of relief that I went with Bridgestone.

I've been looking for a place to live on a VA church's Christian message board and I've found quite a few posts that have caught my attention. I've emailed a few people and have a couple places I might take a look at once I get out there. There have been a few posts that sounded phenomenal and have gotten me all excited only to find the rent is way out of my price range or the location is further than I care to live or the person posting sounds like a middle-aged cat lady (K, you know what I'm talkin about). Just as much as I don't want to go home to someone living an immoral lifestyle, I don't want to spend my evenings at home with a cat lady. (btw, I have a family cat that I love, but won't be taking with me . . but I am not a cat lady).

I went through all my 'stuff' yesterday . . as in, everything I own other than my clothes. Since I moved home a year ago, I'd forgotten about all the cute home decor I had and was disappointed to realize that no way was any of it going to fit in my car . . unless I left all my shoes behind. I am planning on shipping out the jewelry armoire I got for Christmas and a mirror I love, but I figure whomever I move in with will probably have the place decorated . . plus, I probably won't have a very big place anyway. After realizing that I will possibly only have a 10 x 10 area to truly call my own, I told Mom very matter-of-factly, "I'm going to have to find someone to marry so I can decorate."


Courtney said...

Awesome last line!

And thanks for note on my page. Good to know I'm not crazy. :)

k said...

Oh, I can relate – beyond crazy cat ladies! I could probably use some new tires (I am hoping I can get away with driving to NY with the old ones and then getting new ones there were it is cheaper and my mom has a costco membership before I drive back) and I am afraid when I take my car in for maintenance (which alone is gonna cost a few hundred bucks) they are going to tell me I need new brakes too. And then gas prices! Holy moly! Cars are expensive!

And you don’t need a husband to decorate – you just need a place of your own. Although sometimes, with the price of real estate, I feel like I’ll need a husband too when I am ready to buy something!

Good luck with the roommate search!

Stacey said...

I feel for you! To afford living on my own, I've had to settle for a nice apartment that's not in the best area of the burbs. While it's not scary or dangerous, the surrounding neighborhoods are somewhat redneckish, but they don't bother me, and I certainly don't bother them. Finding a roommate is one of the hardest things to do - I guess that's why I've given up super nice surroundings for the luxury of living alone. :)

Good luck with everything! Isn't growing up lousy sometimes?!? :)

cady said...

i'm with you on the money issue. tires are always so expensive. well, any car improvements actually, and it seems like there's never only one thing to fix!

Genius said...

The key is finding a husband who doesn't have an opinion on the whole decorating thing...not that you have to listen, but it sure makes things easier! Not that my husband is like that or anything....

And I'm totally with you on this whole house hunting thing, we are trying to find a cheaper place and it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to find something affordable. Good Luck!