Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Florida, here I come!

Tomorrow I'm off to Florida where I will spend a week in Orlando with some friends and their children. I'm not sure how much time I'll spend by the pool with four kids to help care for, but JUST IN CASE, I thought I should go prepared. With this new Juicy bathing suit. In brown.

Out of curiosity, how much would you spend on a bathing suit? Or how much have you spent? Not that I'm feeling guilty about my purchase or anything.

Monday, April 28, 2008

perfect timing

Whoa, speaking of The Texan . . I hung out with a bunch of his friends on Saturday night (a total blast, as they are hilarious!). And one of them asked for my number. And invited me to the garage next weekend (when The Texan will be in town). Coincidence that I will be out of town? More like PROVIDENCE. Because do you think I would've said no to the invitation in order to avoid him? Of.course.not. And once again, I am saved from myself.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Does anyone like this Rose chick on Grey's? I wanted to like her, primarily because I have never liked Meredith, ugh. She is so self-focused and, just like she told her psychiatrist, doesn't think she has issues. But I'm having trouble liking Rose, too. If she were playing a little hard-to-get, that would be one thing, but she's all googly-eyed over McDreamy (though who could really blame her?) and actually said she loved him. Stop! I have to give her props for not jumping in the sack with him yet, because Mer certainly never hesitated, but she is foolish to be his rebound girl, and I'm afraid she's just going to get hurt.

I still want Izzy and Alex to work out. I do. I know there is a soft side to that guy, and I just wish it would come out and stick around for awhile.

I also want George and Callie to get back together. Because I believe in marriages working, regardless of the circumstances in which the marriage took place. But we all know something is going to happen between George and Mer's sister, whose name has completely slipped my mind. She's cute, but I hate that there is an innocence about her, yet she's stealing things from the hospital and don't think I've forgotten about that one-night stand with Alex. But I've forgiven her. I just hope she doesn't go and blow it again.

Do any of you watch this show? I know you do!

What's up with me

I am so close to having a new job, I can taste it. With three possibilities hanging out there, I am confident that God will lead me into the position that is the best fit for me. I honestly believe that I could probably be happy in any of them, but there is one that excites me much more than the others. It would also probably challenge me much more than the others - ok, not probably, definitely. They've narrowed it down to three people, and I'm one of the three. Yikes!

Being assistant softball coach? It's great. I've recruited plenty of Nebraska a.lumni for our team, and I'm quickly picking up the sport. I must say, I've got a pretty nice swing. :) And Neb.raskans are just so awesome. It's been a lot of fun meeting new people and hearing how they ended up out here.

If I could talk to The Texan again, I would say one thing: "Thank You! Thank you for 1) moving all the way to Seattle and more importantly 2) introducing me to your girl friend and her husband." They are fantastic, and I am enjoying their friendship more and more. The other night I stopped by, and we chatted for over three hours! This weekend I have house- and dog-sitting duties with permission to use their very comfortable King-size bed, incredibly well-stocked refridgerator, and Wii. Cool people.

The weather here is gorgeous. I woke up early this morning to go for a run with my friends, and well . . you all need to move here. It's that great. I hope these temperatures and sunny skies stick around for the weekend, because I have a softball doubleheader and would love to play some golf on Sunday.

Have a fun weekend!

Monday, April 21, 2008

the purse

During my trip home last month, I happened upon the most adorable purse I'd seen in a very long time. It was quite convenient that I actually needed a new purse, because I wanted an excuse to buy it. Unlike other times I have used the word "need", this time I actually mean it in the most literal sense. I had only three other purses to my name: one that was beat up and dirty, another that I had carried for over a year!, and another that was too 2006 trendy and just not cute anymore. So I needed this light yellow, soft leather satchel with its chain straps. Needed it.

And since buying it, I have taken such good care of it, never letting it touch the ground, tucking it under my coat in the rain, and keeping it far, far away from anything that might soil it in any way. Until last Saturday. I did think twice before taking it to the ball game . . but I didn't feel that I had a choice (see above purse options). So I grabbed it and promised myself it would stay on my lap, safe from any beer or ketchup-y ballpark hotdogs. After the game had ended, it appeared I had been successful. The purse was in perfect condition!

And then we ventured to the bars. Ugh. And it would've been one thing if the bars had been chill and relaxed, but instead we found ourselves among the clubs of Balti.more's P.ower Plant Live, and everywhere you looked things were already getting out of control. You know, with all the classy people running around. I love to dance, but this was not my idea of a good time. Then again, neither was a longer walk in my not-so-comfortable shoes. Although the dancing was moderately fun, it was a good reminder of why club-going is not a regular activity of mine: the grinding, the poles, the beer spilling, the private things being done in public places. Gross. Dirty. Can we please go home?!

Once home, I saw that, despite my best efforts to keep my purse away from any alcohol, it had gotten wet and picked up the dye from my dark jeans. I want to cry. Because it was so not worth it! And I'm afraid it won't come out. And I paid a lot for this purse. And . . *crying*.

I'll be taking it to the shoe repair shop today. Those guys work with leather a lot and perhaps they can do a miracle with my pretty purse.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures of me trying to look important

Back door of the White House, next to the portico
The East Garden

The fife and drum band

The Pope and The President

The South Portico

View from the South Lawn (Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial)

On the red carpet

With Tommy Lasorda!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Papal Visit: My Experience

No, I am not Catholic. But that didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in seeing the Pope when he came to town. I just had no idea I’d actually be able to. After all, I’d seen the Queen on her visit, so what were the chances that I’d get to attend this event, too?

My good friend, Jan, sent me an email at noon the day before. Did I want to be a volunteer? Without hesitation, yes. I attended a meeting on the Sou.th Lawn that day and was given my assignment – to usher people onto the mags (the metal detectors) from the ticket check. A pretty pointless job, to be honest. But the purpose was the make sure no one wandered off the path, and to give them another welcoming smile.

Prior to the event that morning (a cold 5:30am morning, I might add), my fellow greeters and I, went through the mags to use the restrooms and walk around on the Sou.th Lawn (the backyard of the White House). One woman encouraged me to stay and pretend as though my volunteer job was closer to the action, but I really didn’t feel right about it. Instead, I walked back to my designated spot and stood (toes frozen) for hours as the ticketholders began to arrive. I can’t express the joy I felt when the sun began to rise and bring heat to the chilly air.

After greeting thousands of guests (you should’ve seen the never-ending line), I was left at the end of the line, one of the last people to walk through the mags. A big bummer, if you ask me. I needed a sneaky rule-breaker. And I found one. I spotted a guy I’d met just days before that I knew wouldn’t be content in the back, either. After being turned away at the bottom of the drive, we devised a plan to get in anyway. We would take some empty boxes we’d found to the ‘trash area’, right next to the back door of the White House. Fake it ‘til you make it, and that’s exactly what we did. We grabbed the boxes, flashed our volunteer badges, and walked right past the ticket checker (who was also just another volunteer).

I snapped a few shots near the back door – shots of the trellis and patio, and me on the side of the portico. “Soak it up,” I thought. “Soak it up.”

But we needed to find a good spot to stand. How would we get into VIP? By acting as though we were supposed to be there. We walked right into the Congressional VIP section. I guess they thought my partner-in-crime looked like a Congressman. But with standing room only even among the VIP, it still didn’t look as though I’d be able to see anything. And then, one by one, I was being allowed to step ahead of people in the crowd. They saw me standing on my tiptoes, too short to see above the tall gentlemen around me. Before I knew it, I was standing behind only a handful of people, as close as I could’ve been to the podium without being the Speaker of the House!

The ceremony was great, and some of it was much like the ceremony for the Queen, with the 21-gun salute and the fife and drum band. I loved hearing a soprano sing The Lord’s Prayer, while the harp played along with her. Just as the news announced, there were two rounds of “Happy Birthday” (at the beginning and end) as we waved our mini American and Italian flags in the air.
My favorite quote from the Pope was this: “’In a worl.d without truth, freedom loses its foundation,’ and a democ.racy without values can lose its very soul.” A statement we should all pay attention to as we watch the morals and the teaching of our Founders fade away.

After the ceremony had ended, I stayed on the Lawn as long as I could. Pictures, pictures, pictures. By the podium, by the portico, on the red carpet . . and with Tommy Lasorda! The freezing morning had become a beautiful day. The weather was perfect and so was my experience.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday nights could be booked for the rest of my life

A new-to-me BBQ joint and country line dancing. I can't think of a better start to a weekend. Kentucky and I had a blast letting out our inner country. We arrived at 8pm to learn some new dances and didn't leave until closing time. The band was great, the regulars encouraged us to come back soon, and we, of course, promised we would!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Recently, in addition to job hunting, scouring design blogs for inspiration, checking out preview photos for estate sales, keeping up to speed on certain sports teams, and - oh good grief, I could go on all day! - I also spent a good chunk of time on the Internet deciding how I'd like to further my education. If it was free. Oh yeah, and if it was only about three hours a week. Real ambitious, this one.

So hypothetically, if I were able to learn about new things for absolutely free (or at least for really cheap), I now know what those things would be. All twenty of them. Thanks to the local community college online catalog.

If I were seriously considering going back for my Masters (breathing into a bag at the overwhelming thought of the thesis), I'm not sure what I'd pursue. Probably a degree in writing or some other communications field.

But if we're talking about having some real educational fun, here are some of the classes I'd consider:

History of Architecture
Intro to Greek
Theory and Techniques of Interior Design
Styles of Furniture and Interiors
Materials and Sources (Interior Design)

Business Procedures (Interior Design)
Public Relations
Principles of E-Commerce
Geography of Tourism
Small Business Management
Business Mathematics

Business Mathematics?! I can't believe anything involving the word 'math' is included in this list, but unfortunately it's a very important part of owning your own business, which is something that I have an interest in.

What about you?
What would you pursue, either for fun or 'for serious'?

Go West!

Hmm, I think I need to head back to the West Coast.


Coincidentally, I did apply to a job in SoCal that I think I'd love. I can dream.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the enabler

Many became envious when they heard I was working from home yesterday (although I wasn't feeling well). But what they didn't know is that I sat in the same chair for 8 hours straight. No food, no bathroom, no turning on the television. Nothing. There are two very logical reasons for this: #1. My "new" chair is very comfortable (and I have Co-Worker/Friend to thank for giving it to me as my first re-upholstery project) and #2. I am obsessed with the internet. Dangerous combination.

My job search is like a very slow-moving train. One that hasn't made many stops, whose destination is still unclear. But just like I only need one husband, I also only need one job. I know God will provide it in the right timing, and although I'm sure I'll be nervous about starting something new, He won't give me anything I can't handle. One week from today, the train will re-visit a stop it's seen before. Ok, enough with the analogies - I have a second interview somewhere. I'll be meeting the CEO of the company, and I'm hoping that by the end of the conversation, I'll just know one way or the other.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Messy has left the building

For almost the last two years, I have lived with Messy. Actually, I have lived with two girls that could be called Messy, Messy #1 and the girl who took her place, Messy #2. Both enjoyed cooking, yet ironically hated doing dishes. Both liked to eat on the couch, oblivious to crumbs that would fall from their food. Neither cared about splatters on the counter or stovetop, and both DROVE ME NUTS.

Although Messy #2 was a sweet girl, I was ecstatic to learn that she was ready to move out. This provided me with an opportunity to replace her with someone CLEAN. I met a handful of girls, stressing to each one of them that cleanliness was extremely important in this apartment. I'm sure I sounded like a broken record.

When it came time to invite the girl we'd chosen, I still couldn't be sure she fit the bill in that department. But I went with my gut and asked her to be our roommate.

Forty eight hours later? I want to shout my love for her from the rooftop! Not only was her bedroom completely and cutely set up within 24 hours (which really is her own business, and I don't care), she assisted in the cleaning of the kitchen and the scrubbing of the guest bathroom bathtub. It sparkles! Not only that, but she has already made two cute additions to our kitchen. The girl appears to have great taste, and we are very excited to decorate together and make our home the oasis we want it to be. I honestly cannot get over how much this has affected me. I want to skip through the house singing and actually use my kitchen to cook something!

*And "Thank You, Jesus", she bought a couch! Pictures to come . .

Friday, April 04, 2008

Something terrible happened today

Every day as I walk into work, I pass a small café next door to my building. And every day I want to walk into that café and order the advertised chocolate banana crepe. But every day I tell myself, ‘you don’t need the calories’ or ‘you don’t have cash and you’re certainly not going to the ATM’. And this morning, Lyn was making fresh crepes in the kitchen, and she offered me, you guessed it, a chocolate banana crepe! And due to pre-interview jitters, I had to turn it down!

Kickin' it again

If you've been reading for a long time, you may recall my days as a country line dancer back in Nebraska. I joined a line dancing club with my uncle and regularly attended their weekly meetings at the Ken.o Cabana as well as weekend outings at local country bars. I was the youngest member of the club by a good twenty years, but that never stopped me from having a great time. My uncle recently returned from a tour in Iraq and the C.ountry Kickers were all at his party to welcome him home. Since moving to D.C. two years ago, I haven't been doing any dancing, but fortunately a few came back to me right away.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cute Babies!

Londyn Grace - 2 days old
Colton John - 3 months

fine dining

I broke my routine today and enjoyed a treat that is normally reserved for Fridays. I’m like the kid who saves the green M&Ms for last. Only this meal really does taste better than all the others. And if I ate it every day, it wouldn’t even make me fat. Since when was something low-cal considered a treat?

Would you just listen to this description?: “Sesame breaded chicken tenderloins in a tangy Asian style plum sauce accented with ginger and topped with roasted sesame seeds served aside pasta tossed with sesame oil, green beans and red peppers.” For only three hundred and thirty calories. For reals, this is almost better than a pudding pop. Almost.