Monday, April 28, 2008

perfect timing

Whoa, speaking of The Texan . . I hung out with a bunch of his friends on Saturday night (a total blast, as they are hilarious!). And one of them asked for my number. And invited me to the garage next weekend (when The Texan will be in town). Coincidence that I will be out of town? More like PROVIDENCE. Because do you think I would've said no to the invitation in order to avoid him? Of.course.not. And once again, I am saved from myself.


pinksundrops said...

I still want to beat him up for you! Doesn't that suck when we want something so badly we KNOW we really don't want?!

k said...

i didn't realize he had moved up to my neck of the woods. i'll keep my eye out for him and given him the evil eye if i see him :)

my life is brilliant said...

Sounds like maybe The Texan had a purpose in your life after all.

Here's hoping his cute friend is smarter than he was!