Friday, April 25, 2008

What's up with me

I am so close to having a new job, I can taste it. With three possibilities hanging out there, I am confident that God will lead me into the position that is the best fit for me. I honestly believe that I could probably be happy in any of them, but there is one that excites me much more than the others. It would also probably challenge me much more than the others - ok, not probably, definitely. They've narrowed it down to three people, and I'm one of the three. Yikes!

Being assistant softball coach? It's great. I've recruited plenty of Nebraska a.lumni for our team, and I'm quickly picking up the sport. I must say, I've got a pretty nice swing. :) And Neb.raskans are just so awesome. It's been a lot of fun meeting new people and hearing how they ended up out here.

If I could talk to The Texan again, I would say one thing: "Thank You! Thank you for 1) moving all the way to Seattle and more importantly 2) introducing me to your girl friend and her husband." They are fantastic, and I am enjoying their friendship more and more. The other night I stopped by, and we chatted for over three hours! This weekend I have house- and dog-sitting duties with permission to use their very comfortable King-size bed, incredibly well-stocked refridgerator, and Wii. Cool people.

The weather here is gorgeous. I woke up early this morning to go for a run with my friends, and well . . you all need to move here. It's that great. I hope these temperatures and sunny skies stick around for the weekend, because I have a softball doubleheader and would love to play some golf on Sunday.

Have a fun weekend!


Anne said...

Good luck with the jobs! I'll send all of my good vibes your way.

I absolutely love running in this area. My favorite route starts at Roosevelt Island, down along the potomac, over the 14th street bridge, over to constitution, up around the capitol and back down again. It's seriously the best. I love doing my sightseeing that way!

my life is brilliant said...

When K and I were around your area in October, I loved it! I'd never been there before, and I was so impressed. I told him after he retires from the Army and we get to pick where we live, that area is SO on my list!

Heather said...

I am dying to hear about your new job and where it is.

I am excited to get to visit my sister when she moves there.