Monday, April 21, 2008

the purse

During my trip home last month, I happened upon the most adorable purse I'd seen in a very long time. It was quite convenient that I actually needed a new purse, because I wanted an excuse to buy it. Unlike other times I have used the word "need", this time I actually mean it in the most literal sense. I had only three other purses to my name: one that was beat up and dirty, another that I had carried for over a year!, and another that was too 2006 trendy and just not cute anymore. So I needed this light yellow, soft leather satchel with its chain straps. Needed it.

And since buying it, I have taken such good care of it, never letting it touch the ground, tucking it under my coat in the rain, and keeping it far, far away from anything that might soil it in any way. Until last Saturday. I did think twice before taking it to the ball game . . but I didn't feel that I had a choice (see above purse options). So I grabbed it and promised myself it would stay on my lap, safe from any beer or ketchup-y ballpark hotdogs. After the game had ended, it appeared I had been successful. The purse was in perfect condition!

And then we ventured to the bars. Ugh. And it would've been one thing if the bars had been chill and relaxed, but instead we found ourselves among the clubs of Balti.more's P.ower Plant Live, and everywhere you looked things were already getting out of control. You know, with all the classy people running around. I love to dance, but this was not my idea of a good time. Then again, neither was a longer walk in my not-so-comfortable shoes. Although the dancing was moderately fun, it was a good reminder of why club-going is not a regular activity of mine: the grinding, the poles, the beer spilling, the private things being done in public places. Gross. Dirty. Can we please go home?!

Once home, I saw that, despite my best efforts to keep my purse away from any alcohol, it had gotten wet and picked up the dye from my dark jeans. I want to cry. Because it was so not worth it! And I'm afraid it won't come out. And I paid a lot for this purse. And . . *crying*.

I'll be taking it to the shoe repair shop today. Those guys work with leather a lot and perhaps they can do a miracle with my pretty purse.


pinksundrops said...

Oh no! Here's hoping they do indeed work a miracle on it.

s said...

keeping my fingers crossed for your bag!

on a side note, i spent many of my college nights, many more than i'd honestly admit to, at the plant. really, one of baltimore's finest gems, ha, kidding. next time you are in that area can you go to o'bricky's for me and eat a ton of crabs, i'd really appreciate it and so will your stomach :).

my life is brilliant said...

Oh, I hope so! And once it's back to its beautiful color again, I want to see a picture of it. Yellow is my FAVORITE!

jen said...


ps -- purchased the peacock shirt at forever 21 a couple of months ago.

k said...

bummer. i hope they can do something to fit it!!

i never buy myself anything nice because i am just not good about takin care of it. so sad :(

Stacey said...

You'll have to post a picture when you get it back! I bet they'll be able to do something for your purse. I hope so, anyway.

It was GREAT meeting you Sunday! If you ever get the urge to visit Chattanooga, we'd love to have you!

TCO said...

It's just a bag to hold your things. It's just a thing. If you are worried about how much you paid for it you probably paid too much for it. I guess it's probably one of those girl things that us guys just don't understand.

k said...

In response to your comment and only because I feel pretty passionate about this one and like to make people think about it a little more... I think the safey issue is totally a grey area and there are non-SUVs that are comparable in safety to larger SUVs. I added this to my post:

And just how often do you need the room to lug something home from an estate sale? Can you borrow a car? Use an SUV/truck from zipcar? Rent a truck for a few hours from u-haul? If you are lugging stuff around on a regular basis - conractor, professional estate saler, but otherwise, how often do you really need that extra room?

Anyway - just food for though! I'll still be your friend if you buy an SUV :)

Trish Ryan said...

Did they save it???

Will you post a picture? I love cute purses!

Courtney said...

OH NO!!! I got pen on my new bag from Banana Republic. So sad.
:( I totally feel your pain