Thursday, April 21, 2005

The desk job

Black and white. That is how I would describe this job. Without color. And I love color. Granted, I'm not even out of training yet, but I'm pretty sure that I can safely say that this job is not a colorful job. . .not that I really expected it to be, but I am an extremely optimistic person so I didn't want to form any preconceived ideas about how unsuitable this job was for me. I was just happy to find something to do full-time and get paid quite well for it at that. Plus, there are a lot of positive things about this job, like the pay, the great health insurance, the "normal" hours, the huge potential for advancement, and, of course, the fact that I already have a couple of friends that currently work there. But, it's still a black and white job. I've done some colorful jobs before, though, so I thought perhaps I would surprise myself and enjoy the structure and predictability of a black and white job. And I may very well like it; it's only my fourth day and my frusteration at this point is only with the . . . well, with the lack of structure and predictability in the training program (if you can call it a program). Two things that excite me - 1. There is a window in my "office space" (which I share with three other people) so I won't feel too enclosed (but I will very much wish I was outside on colorful, sunny days) 2. My space will allow me to decorate and express myself with whatever colorful things I choose. So, you see, this job will be great. I can't wait to go tomorrow. I'm going to bed right now.

Friday, April 01, 2005

The tank top

There it was - the new boutique I'd heard about. So cute, so small, and with such a fun, trendy name. I knew I shouldn't go in. I wouldn't be able to afford anything anyway. But I wasn't going in to buy - just to look - just for the experience. Immediately upon stepping inside, I saw it. The tank top. Only it wasn't just a tank top. It was my tank top. It was made for me. It was meant for me to wear it. It may have seemed plain to anyone else, but the three little words printed across the front seemed to fit me so perfectly. *love this life* And didn't I love this life? Wasn't that the most appropriate way to sum up my outlook on life? It was so cute and unique. I reached for the price tag and slowly turned it over. I can't say I was surprised, but it was more than I would ever normally spend on a tank top. Usually I have this unspoken limit of how much I'll spend on a certain item. And for a tank top, this was about twice that amount. I did make it out of the store without purchasing it . . .that day. Instead, I went back a month later, after experiencing many visions of me in the tank top and many moments of rationalizing the purchase in my head. I never usually experience buyer's remorse, but I must admit that I have had a few twinges of it this past week. Each time I'd think of taking it back, I'd remember the nice girl at the shop who kindly added me to their mailing list and said she couldn't wait until I came back and bought the matching sweat pants. She was so sweet. But, none of that matters anymore. I've passed up my small window of opportunity to return it, since they don't take returns after ten days. So, I've determined that I should wear the tank top at least once a week for the next year in order to make myself feel better about the expenditure. The nice thing about it (which is one of the reasons I purchased it) is that since it is a tank top, it can be layered under jackets and hoodies, so it's really a very versatile piece. So, you see, this tank top was a great buy. And now I can let the whole world know that I love this life.