Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. Styles

Today the Biscuit was unofficially 'voted' the best-dressed guy in his division at work. Duh. :) He's so handsome.
Here he is, one of two guys that actually dressed appropriately for our country-themed party last weekend. It's nice not having to dress your man.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Use Your Imagination

Hello Friends!

I’m alive and well (especially after a 3-day weekend), and I keep taking pictures of all that I’ve been up to, but I just can’t find, er make, the time to post them. Problem.

So instead, just close your eyes and imagine a row of elephants standing on their hind legs, because that’s what I saw the other night at the circus. Also, how on Earth do they walk up the tightrope with someone standing on their shoulders??

Ok, now close your eyes and picture two thick pieces of French toast with shaved turkey and crumbles of bacon in between . . soaked in maple syrup, of course. It was delicious!

As was the chicken sandwich with goat cheese, grilled pineapple, and apricot sauce. I made that combination up, and you’ve gotta try it!

I can’t believe this month is almost over, but I’m so ready for April! On top of finicky weather, it’s been an expensive month for me. Remember, I’m on a major saving kick (or should I say I’m embracing a new saving lifestyle), but this month made it harder. I had to purchase a bridesmaid dress, a plane ticket, Black Keys concert tickets, a kickball registration, and a couple of Living Social deals . . ok, maybe the “deals” were unnecessary.

Happy Last Week of March! Here's a warm bowl of soup for those of you in chilly temps.

Cold day, warm soup

What are you looking forward to in April? Please tell me! Hello? Are you still there? ;)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Five Things

Hello Blog Friends!

I'm popping in to give a little update on everything that's been happening around here. Ok, not everything - just five things.

For starters, the Biscuit went country dancing with me and my friends! And I am happy to report that the boy has rhythm.


A friend from Nebraska sent a random text requesting that BBQ Fritos be shipped to his address. Apparently this particular flavor of fattening chips is no longer distributed in the Midwest. I was happy to agree to the silly favor, and even the woman at the post office thought it deserved a special box to avoid chip-crushing. {And yes, that would be Samoa ice cream on the belt next to the chips. Yum!}


D and I went to the driving range, and I think I doubled my skill level in one afternoon. As much as I love golf, I'm pretty rusty, and D happens to be an awesome teacher. We can't wait for golf season to get here! {Btw, his swing is perfection. I love it.}


I spent the other morning on Capitol Hill. There is something about the feeling I get walking down the halls of the House office buildings . .


We got the hook-up and watched the Wizards vs. Timberwolves from a suite at the Verizon Center. I must admit that the high school State quarter-finals game we watched earlier that day was MUCH more exciting.


Ok, I'm off to bed and to hopefully read a bit in my new book "Praying God's Word". I'm eating it up so far!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Saving is Fun!

I did it! I made it through a 2 month spending freeze, purchasing NOTHING for myself. Zip, zero, nada dollars on me.

Ok, I did buy one thing. An oven mitt. I found it amongst all the adorable Valentine's Day kitchen goodies, and I couldn't resist. I didn't feel too guilty about losing the $3, though. True, it could've gone in my savings account, but that mitt really came in handy when I baked chocolate peanut butter cupcakes the next day.


So yes, I went 2 months sans purchases. It was so fun and painless, too. And wow, my savings account looks pretty awesome right now.

D was very proud of me {and hopefully pretty impressed, hehe}, so when we walked through J.Crew the other day {and I almost didn't want to walk through, because that is the opposite of fleeing temptation}, he encouraged me to break the freeze and buy this cute top I was eyeing.


So I did. But truth be told, saving would have been way more fun.