Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Five Things

Hello Blog Friends!

I'm popping in to give a little update on everything that's been happening around here. Ok, not everything - just five things.

For starters, the Biscuit went country dancing with me and my friends! And I am happy to report that the boy has rhythm.


A friend from Nebraska sent a random text requesting that BBQ Fritos be shipped to his address. Apparently this particular flavor of fattening chips is no longer distributed in the Midwest. I was happy to agree to the silly favor, and even the woman at the post office thought it deserved a special box to avoid chip-crushing. {And yes, that would be Samoa ice cream on the belt next to the chips. Yum!}


D and I went to the driving range, and I think I doubled my skill level in one afternoon. As much as I love golf, I'm pretty rusty, and D happens to be an awesome teacher. We can't wait for golf season to get here! {Btw, his swing is perfection. I love it.}


I spent the other morning on Capitol Hill. There is something about the feeling I get walking down the halls of the House office buildings . .


We got the hook-up and watched the Wizards vs. Timberwolves from a suite at the Verizon Center. I must admit that the high school State quarter-finals game we watched earlier that day was MUCH more exciting.


Ok, I'm off to bed and to hopefully read a bit in my new book "Praying God's Word". I'm eating it up so far!


pinksundrops said...

Love this update!

MOM said...

I am excited to hear the title of your book. When you mentioned a book on prayer over the phone I wanted to mention a book I have called Face to Face. I want to get back to using that book because it is so meaningful and teaches us how to pray.