Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Saving is Fun!

I did it! I made it through a 2 month spending freeze, purchasing NOTHING for myself. Zip, zero, nada dollars on me.

Ok, I did buy one thing. An oven mitt. I found it amongst all the adorable Valentine's Day kitchen goodies, and I couldn't resist. I didn't feel too guilty about losing the $3, though. True, it could've gone in my savings account, but that mitt really came in handy when I baked chocolate peanut butter cupcakes the next day.


So yes, I went 2 months sans purchases. It was so fun and painless, too. And wow, my savings account looks pretty awesome right now.

D was very proud of me {and hopefully pretty impressed, hehe}, so when we walked through J.Crew the other day {and I almost didn't want to walk through, because that is the opposite of fleeing temptation}, he encouraged me to break the freeze and buy this cute top I was eyeing.


So I did. But truth be told, saving would have been way more fun.


pinksundrops said...

LOVE the top! Hmm, I think I'm on a perpetual freeze except for maybe once a year. Too bad I don't save it though. Go you!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to use all your savings on?? I suggest a vacation to somewhere tropical!

a tall sassy gal said...

So my new years resolution was to shop. I don't shop. B hates it. Cause I need things all the time. It has been a struggle but I am working on it.

Truth be told I would love to shop I just get so frustrated with not finding my size or what I need that I give up.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing for myself" and "nothing " is not the same, it could be just a deviation of the consumerist impulse. The idea is to sublimate the impulse doing creative things,like healthy food for example.
P.S: 3 dollars!!!that s a lot of money in most places.
Pablo Genio.