Friday, April 25, 2008


Does anyone like this Rose chick on Grey's? I wanted to like her, primarily because I have never liked Meredith, ugh. She is so self-focused and, just like she told her psychiatrist, doesn't think she has issues. But I'm having trouble liking Rose, too. If she were playing a little hard-to-get, that would be one thing, but she's all googly-eyed over McDreamy (though who could really blame her?) and actually said she loved him. Stop! I have to give her props for not jumping in the sack with him yet, because Mer certainly never hesitated, but she is foolish to be his rebound girl, and I'm afraid she's just going to get hurt.

I still want Izzy and Alex to work out. I do. I know there is a soft side to that guy, and I just wish it would come out and stick around for awhile.

I also want George and Callie to get back together. Because I believe in marriages working, regardless of the circumstances in which the marriage took place. But we all know something is going to happen between George and Mer's sister, whose name has completely slipped my mind. She's cute, but I hate that there is an innocence about her, yet she's stealing things from the hospital and don't think I've forgotten about that one-night stand with Alex. But I've forgiven her. I just hope she doesn't go and blow it again.

Do any of you watch this show? I know you do!


Becky said...

I really really want Izzy and Alex together too. I like Mer but in a weird kinda way. I dont like Rose at all. So Im with ya on that one.

my life is brilliant said...

I used to watch Grey's, but it just got too frustrating for me! I was really over Meredith's "Oh, everything is working out great for me, but I'm going to focus on all the bad stuff because that's what I do. Plus, it lets me keep walking around with this sourpuss expression that I so love to give."

I was over Meredith and Derek breaking up, getting back together and being in love, and then just randomly not talking to each other. Ugh!

I want Alex and Ava to wind up together, and I want Denny to come back to life. That would be awesome.

Meredith's sister is named Lexi. She reminds me too much of the annoying chick with the curly hair who never stops talking.

Which, from the length of this comment, could be describing myself.


The end. :)