Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Messy has left the building

For almost the last two years, I have lived with Messy. Actually, I have lived with two girls that could be called Messy, Messy #1 and the girl who took her place, Messy #2. Both enjoyed cooking, yet ironically hated doing dishes. Both liked to eat on the couch, oblivious to crumbs that would fall from their food. Neither cared about splatters on the counter or stovetop, and both DROVE ME NUTS.

Although Messy #2 was a sweet girl, I was ecstatic to learn that she was ready to move out. This provided me with an opportunity to replace her with someone CLEAN. I met a handful of girls, stressing to each one of them that cleanliness was extremely important in this apartment. I'm sure I sounded like a broken record.

When it came time to invite the girl we'd chosen, I still couldn't be sure she fit the bill in that department. But I went with my gut and asked her to be our roommate.

Forty eight hours later? I want to shout my love for her from the rooftop! Not only was her bedroom completely and cutely set up within 24 hours (which really is her own business, and I don't care), she assisted in the cleaning of the kitchen and the scrubbing of the guest bathroom bathtub. It sparkles! Not only that, but she has already made two cute additions to our kitchen. The girl appears to have great taste, and we are very excited to decorate together and make our home the oasis we want it to be. I honestly cannot get over how much this has affected me. I want to skip through the house singing and actually use my kitchen to cook something!

*And "Thank You, Jesus", she bought a couch! Pictures to come . .


k said...

you an d i could never be roommates :)

yay to a couch!

tco said...

Give her some time. The more she gets used to her new home the messier she will become.

pinksundrops said...

Whoohoo!! Yay for people who are responsible adults!

Having said that, I have my share of unresponsibleness (yes, that is (not) a word) . I like to think if I didn't have two kids and a hubby it would be better, but I could be imagining it.

my life is brilliant said...

I once had a roommate who absolutely had me baffled as to how she'd managed to get through 21 years of life without knowing such things as how to do laundry and why you're supposed to wash your makeup off before you go to sleep at night.

One of my "favorite" memories of her is when she came out of the laundry area holding up a pink tank top she'd pulled out of the washer. "This shirt is all wrinkled," she said to me.

"Yes. You just pulled it out of the washer."

"How do I get the wrinkles out?"

"Put it in the dryer. They'll come out then. It's just wrinkled because it got matted against the washer in the rinse cycle."

"Are you sure they'll come out?" she asked.

"What's it made of?"


(This is in addition to the fact that we told her 50 billion times that there IS a lint trap in the dryer that DOES need to be cleaned before each use. She had no idea what it was or why you had to empty it.)

So glad you found a great, clean roomie (with a couch!)!

Morgan said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the pictures!

chloe elizabeth said...

And this is why, despite hating being treated like I'm 12 occasionally, I will suck it up and live at home during grad school. At least I have my own little studio and I can keep it just how I want it.