Friday, April 18, 2008

Pictures of me trying to look important

Back door of the White House, next to the portico
The East Garden

The fife and drum band

The Pope and The President

The South Portico

View from the South Lawn (Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial)

On the red carpet

With Tommy Lasorda!


smita said...

So fun! You always have great pictures! So cute & photogenic!

tco said...

Where the heck was the secret service while you were sneaking around all over the place???

Morgan said...

How exciting! Are you sure you want to move away? :)

k said...

so fun! and it looks like it was so nice out! (it is freezing with rsnow and hail here - ugh!)

s said...

amazing pictures! seriously, you were super close to all the action.

Liz said...

You certainly do look important! Growing up Catholic, I have to tell you what a big deal it is to see the pope. I'm not even Catholic anymore really, but it's something I still wish I could do!

Driving into SF only takes about 25 minutes without traffic, which there wasn't any of on Thursday night, thank goodness! I live in the next town over from Walnut Creek, so I know the commute your friend has VERY well. Hope you really do make it out here soon!

my life is brilliant said...

Wow! How neat! I can't believe you got so close!

Courtney said...

Ohh! You DO look important!!! JEALOUS!!!