Monday, March 03, 2008

and a Happy Weekend it was!

Nevermind the mini breakdown I had on Sunday afternoon. I love how I can bawl one moment and just a half an hour later all is well in the world again. I rarely find myself in tears, but if anything stressful/confusing/disappointing happens during a certain five days of the month, look out!

Now back to happy things:
- My co-worker/friend and I (and I really feel like I should capitalize that, because she is that important) have been a bit, what is the word?, obsessed about decor and design lately. I have been tipping her off to my favorite design blogs, and she has been having more reasons to even be looking at these design blogs, because she's decorating her new house. No fair! I suggested that, along with the occasional estate sale, we hit up some of the cute decor shops in various neighborhoods in our city. She was the first to suggest a shop: Mis.s Pixie's in Morgan. So we headed straight there after work on Friday. And loved everything. I think I could "furnish and whatnot" my entire home from that place. Most of the pieces are pretty affordable, all used and vintage items that have a lot of character. You know I didn't leave empty-handed. I decided on an old MasterCraft "paint-it-yourself" bookcase whose owners had painted it red, then painted part of it green. Until I repaint it, I'm trying to make do by throwing this scarf over the top to hide the whole two-toned look. But even when I do paint it, I'm not so sure I want to change the color. I love green.

- I've still been out of commission thanks to my foot, but it doesn't mean I can't lift weights or use a stationary bike (yawn). And in order to prevent myself from additional injuries when I do run again, I thought I would try out yoga for the first time . . at 8am on a Saturday morning. The instructor said I was very flexible, and I plan to go again. But every time she closes her eyes and tells us to "focus on the light within yourself", the only light I'll be thinking about is Jesus, thankyouverymuch. He is the only light inside of me. I hate all that New Age crap, gag!

- After the gym, I went to my church's monthly women's brunch to mingle with the ladies. It's a great way to meet people, catch up with familiar faces, and also hear an encouraging message from the pastor's wife. I met an adorable girl who I plan to have coffee with in the near future. (But why does it always have to be coffee or a drink? How about grabbing an ice cream cone for once? Now that sounds like fun.)

- Immediately following that meal, my friend and I headed to Dupont to find a new cafe at which to have lunch. We loved the place we chose, Sette Oster.ia, where we enjoyed frittatas with veggies and arugula salad. And we stopped into the designer consignment shop right across the street, of course.

- That afternoon, I met up with my university's D.C. alu.mni board to discuss my potential involvement in getting a flag football team started next season. Next thing I knew, I was being nominated to be co-chair of our chapter's newly created sports committee and not only was I going to take the lead on the football team, I was suddenly assistant coach of the softball team. I don't even like softball! I'm also going to be a representative for our chapter at the D.C. alu.mni meetings. I'm glad to be getting involved, but I had no idea it was going to turn into all of this!

- I spent the evening babysitting for two adorable little girls that I've watched several times over the last year. I always have cute stories to tell after a night with E.lena (4) and L.arissa (2). That evening, E grabbed three spatulas out of the drawer and told me to press play on the CD player. "Build Me Up Buttercup" began to play, and the three of us danced around the living room together. When tucking E in at night, she has recently been asking me to read the (pictureless) Bible. She is insistent that she be able to see the words on the page, and it is so precious to hear all the questions she has. "Miss L__, how does Jesus heal people?" "How did Zaccheus get up in the tree?"

- I was done in time to hit the bowling alley with a group of friends, but I never got in a groove, and I hate to admit it but when it comes to bowling, I'm not happy if I'm not winning. So maybe this isn't one of my happy things. Maybe I should take it off. But I was with friends, and there were Sour Patch Kids and high-fives when I got a few spares. So I'll keep it on the list.
Please tell me about the happiest part of your weekend . .


Stace said...

1st time commentor. . I think. But love the blog. You're so upbeat and it makes me happy. Sorry about the foot. And having an ice cream cone sounds wonderful to me too. Asamatteroffact right now sounds terrific. :) Have a great week.

s said...

ok, i will play... the happiest part of my weekend was the cake w's mom made me for my birthday. it made me feel special, like she cared about me too! i'm such a sap.

k said...

the best part of my weekend? the new skis were fun, but that whole thing went downhill. so i think i am going to go with the phone call from dana on friday admitting that he needed help packing up his apartment (he moved on friday). there is just something about a big, tough boy admitting that he needs helps with something that he claimed was going to be "a piece of cake."

Heather said...

My happy moment was catching up on sleep and eating with my life is brilliant.

pinksundrops said...

Love the ice cream idea!! I may have to suggest that sometime soon. Coffee DOES get boring!!

Oh my gosh my weekend was so wonderful!! After my packed full Saturday we spent the day at the Zilker park kite festival on Sunday. Watching the HUGE kites fly and eating kettle corn was definitely my favorite part of that : ) .

I would have soooo much shopping with you at your vintage stores. I love, love, LOVE decorating that way! Note to self, must visit stores like that when I end up your way : ) . Of course I couldn't drag too much of it home with me.

TCO said...

Best part of my weekend was a doubleheader at Haymarket Park in near 70 degree weather. Go Huskers!

LindsayBlake said...

mine was watching the creighton boys basketball team beat bradley in double overtime at the qwest center. Go JAYS!

Michigan Mom said...

The best part of my weekend was inviting over 30 friends and family members to our house to celebrate our Little man's third birthday. It was the first time he's had a birthday near friends and family so it was a big event. The party went wonderful despite the house seeming kinda small, haha. He truly enjoyed his day immensely!

Anne said...

Ok...I'll bite. The happiest part of my weekend was seeing how all of my nieces and nephews have grown since I last saw them over Christmas. The winks, the hugs, the kisses, the cuddles...Fantastic.

Alyssa said...

The happiest part of my weekend was spending all day Sunday at the beach playing with my kids. However it just might be topped off this weekend with the ultimate girls night out! Wish you were here to go with me I think it would be right up your alley. Check it out

my life is brilliant said...

I'm getting in on this a bit late. I'm so with you on the ice cream thing. That's much more fun. :)

I had lots of favorites last weekend: realizing I'd completed my giant weekend to-do list, hearing from K, and going to dinner with Heather & B.