Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. P comes to Washington

DunduhduhDUH: Dad ate seafood. AND HE LIKED IT.

This is a newsflash for a guy who grimaces before the fork even reaches his lips, because he’s SURE it’s going to be disgusting. It doesn’t smell like normal things, like chicken and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. And if he doesn’t like it . . HE MIGHT DIE.

So I would consider eating seafood a big milestone in his life. Which is why I began to clap at the dinner table when he chewed and swallowed that piece of grilled trout. I blinked a few times and anxiously awaited the next words out of his mouth. “It’s not bad.” High praise, indeed. Maybe next time, we can grab some Ethiopian?

After nearly two years of me living in D.C., Dad finally came for a visit. Everyone seems to find it strange that I asked my parents to come out separately, but it’s twice the fun for me!

While Dad was here, we went on a West Wing tour (my second). They had re-opened the White House press room, so we snapped a few shots in there, and Dad found the designated Fox News chair and took a seat. :) Since he enjoys shopping more than my mother, he seemed to be fine with hitting up an estate sale and spending some quality time in Anthropologie. He even helped me pick out a rug for my newly painted kitchen.

We ate at some of my favorite places, of course, and also grilled out a couple of times at Cousin J’s house. Walker (J’s son) absolutely loved his Uncle Jeff. And I’m thinking one the highlights of Dad’s trip may have been meeting and chatting with a “very important person” who happened to be in my office the day he came by.

Hope you had fun, Dad!


Stacey said...

How cool! I can't imagine my dad ever willingly attending an estate sale! And I've always wanted to tour the White House, but never plan appropriately! I'll be there in a month, but not in the right time frame. Ugh. Sounds like you showed your dad a fantastic time. He's got to be so proud of you!

Anne said...

Sounds like a fun visit.
I have been on about a million East Wing tours and even a rose garden tour, but never a West Wing tour. One of these days I will get to do it. Lucky you for being able to go twice!

Brett said...

Psh! Estate sale is nothing to be amazed at. Anthropologie, however, that is something to be proud of, Laura. If I remember right, that store is about as boring as learning how to crochet!

steve and randel hambrick said...

the real question we all have is whether or not he actually BOUGHT the rug for you at anthropologie!!! :)

my life is brilliant said...

Awesome! You look a lot like your dad.