Sunday, March 09, 2008


First of all, could I be any more tired? This daylight savings business is really taking its toll. I didn’t exactly have a late night-crazy weekend; instead I spent most of my time with my old bedroommate, EB.

I’m glad I love my bedroommate Lyn so much, because I really miss EB. The two are practically each other’s opposite, sharing maybe one similar trait, sweetness. Next to EB, I look quiet and nondramatic. In fact, I am often unable to reciprocate her excitement for things (believe it or not), and I never use words like “jubilant”. I can’t explain how lovely it was to hear her happy voice say “sleep well” on Saturday night. And I replied as always with “you too”. We didn’t really need to do anything when she came over, just sitting on the couch to chat was good enough. But we decided to venture out just after the rain had stopped, and our destination was Georget.own. I suggested we stop by the new cupcake place, but the sign said ‘closed until 3pm’. Instead, we popped into a bright yellow rowhouse boutique called An adorable shop, there were different types of candy in glass jars, and fresh, flirty, flowy dresses and tops all color-coded. I bought the cutest green necklace for myself, but most of the dresses were shift dresses that didn’t really flatter my figure. At quarter to three, we got in line behind twenty people at Geor.getown Cupcake, and it was an hour before we were ordering our treats, while at least hundred more people waited behind us. The bakery really isn’t handling the demand well, but they are baking delicious cupcakes. It is hands-down the best cupcake I’ve ever had, and I can say with confidence that it’s better than Magnolia’s in New York. The moist cake and cream cheese frosting are amazing. Fortunately I bought a half dozen (all different flavors, of course), because I knew I wouldn’t want to stand in line again anytime soon. That evening, EB and I went to dinner at Del.hi Club with her Princ.eton alum friends. I like to call them “The Smarties”, but they are actually a lot of fun. I have to be honest, I never expected to enjoy people with such high IQs, as ridiculous as that may sound. Would they want to have intellectual conversations all the time? Would they laugh at things I didn’t understand? Would their advanced vocabulary annoy me to no end? And all of my assumptions were nearly true, except for the annoying part . . but they are a fun, normal bunch of people who happen to have Ivy League names and to have gone to Ivy League schools . . and who happen to love Cold Stone Creamery, which is reason enough for them to be my friends.

EB and I ended our time together at our favorite bagel place, the place we used to walk to every Saturday morning uphill, pumping our arms and squeezing our butts, only to enjoy carb-tastic bagels with high calorie toppings. Because we’d earned it. We hugged each other goodbye at least five times, and she hopped into her cute, blue Land Rover and drove south. And I thought to myself, ‘I’m glad I love Lyn, because I really miss EB.’


Trish Ryan said...

Gotta love those reconnections. Nice stuff :)

my life is brilliant said...

So glad you're still getting together. Sounds like a fun (and yummy!) time!