Saturday, February 04, 2006

Little Life Update

I've been so bad about blogging lately . . as if I've had better things to do. Today was Day 2 of laying around after getting my 3 wisdom teeth out. I didn't realize how limited my food choices would be . . . somehow thought there were more mushy foods out there. But I'm stuck with jello, pudding, applesauce (why does this house only have unsweetened?), mashed potatoes, and ice cream. What I want is a nice, juicy burger! I rented some good movies I've been wanting to see . . "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (even though I'm not a fan of Brangelina), "Flightplan", and "In Her Shoes". My favorite was movie #3, even though I love action and suspense. My jaw is still pretty sore and the ibuprofen just doesn't seem to do the trick. However, I have no headache today which is what I most care about. Last night it was terrible, and I was trying to fall asleep, while my dad is snoring/moaning/making any number of strange noises down in the living room. I shut my door, turned on the radio and still heard him! I was so desperate to fall asleep and not feeling well, I started to cry. You know that feeling when you're so tired yet you're wide awake and sleep just seems hopeless. Finally I woke him up, as I was on the verge of tears, and begged him to go to his own bed! The sleep that followed was deep and amazing . . I awoke with no headache! I'm hoping I'll be up for cleaning my room tomorrow . . we'll see. I'm sure I'll be up for AMC's little boy's 1st b-day party, though!

My sister and brother made a trip to Indiana today to pick up a furnace to be installed in my brother's new home. I wish I would've been up for a road trip, because I would've loved to have spent time with my siblings and to have seen my cousins. No fair that they get quality time and I'm stuck on the couch at home! Although, 12 hours in a pick-up truck doesn't sound that fun, no matter who you're with.

It's been awhile since I've mentioned the mysterious "opportunity", but the door has still not been shut. I got a call yesterday when my mouth was stuffed with gauze-perfect timing! (I definitely didn't take that call.) Fortunately, they were understanding, and I sent an email and called back today. It should only be a matter of days now before I know for sure either way what's going down. Then I'll be free to share!

On a similar, yet different note, my new position is going well. However, I have no free moments to check on blogs or write quick posts to my own, which is good and bad. Good, because I'm being more productive . . bad, because I get lazy and don't want to write once I get home, either. I'll just have to try to be better about it. . .


girl from florida said...

I hope your mouth keeps healing QUICKLY and you can get that big juicy burger soon! Until then, have a few milkshakes and enjoy them completely... there aren't many times in life you can drink all the milkshakes you want, guilt free :)

pinksundrops said...

Yuck. Wisdom teeth. Try and find some cream soups, that's another thing to add to your list and a yummy one. Cream of asparagus, cream of broccoli, butternut squash creme. I'd make you some if I were there!

Can't wait to hear more about the opportunity. Praying everything is working out for you.