Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unprepared, but Entertained

I haven’t posted in a long time, I know. And it’s not like I’ve really been getting anything accomplished as far as leaving goes. My room is a disaster – I hate it and can’t wait to get organized, but it’s pretty overwhelming. I have a list of things to do and people to see, and I hope to somehow fit it all in. I do always underestimate how long it takes to get things done.

What I have done:
1. Bought a webcam/microphone so BF and I can still have face-to-face conversations :)
2. Bought speakers for my laptop since I obviously can’t bring a stereo.
3. Bought space-saver bags for my suitcase (they’re amazing!)
4. Bought a new pair of fun glasses (needed to use my insurance while I’ve got it)

There’s a theme here. Yes, going away is a great excuse to go shopping.

Instead of getting things done, I’ve been having tons of fun with my friends.

Friday, I went out with S for a delicious dinner at Firebirds and she treated me to a drink at a new martini bar. We stayed up late chatting and deciding what she should wear for her date the next day.

Saturday night, I went dancing with the Kickers at a bar in my own town and had a blast! We danced for 7 hours and it was the perfect end to months of dancing with them. The band was awesome! I couldn’t sleep that night, though, because my feet were throbbing.

Sunday, I went out to eat with my family and that night went to a friend’s surprise party. It was so great to see a bunch of people I don’t see often and won't see for awhile.

Monday, I ate dinner at A & M’s and we went to Coldplay!! They were just as amazing in concert as I imagined. But, next time I’ll pay more for better seats. I was so annoyed with how many people were moving around during the concert, and no one around us wanted to stand up . . . it’s a concert, people! Our friend said people in front of him got in a fight over the stand up/sit down thing. If I pay $70 for a ticket to see a band I love, I think I should have to option to stand up . . . am I right? AG said it was better than U2 (which we saw two months ago), but I’m hesitant to go that far. It’s hard for me to really compare the two because they’re very different. For me, both were equally amazing and I'd go again in a heartbeat.

Last night, I hung out with Jenni (my old roommate). I was so glad to spend time with her before I leave, because just as I'll be getting back, she and her huband will be moving out to Colorado.

I have only 3 days of work left, because I'm using the two floating holidays I've accrued to get things done. I'll post pics of my weekend soon!


k said...

You have a whole week to get prepared so no need to sweat it until after this weekend at least!

Heather said...

I agree I should have the option whether to stand up or not. Things sound like they are going great. I am ready for you adventure to start. :)

Stacey said...

Wow ... you have been busy! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Sarah said...

Coldplay! I am officially jealous!

Anne said...

YES Laura, coldplay was freaking awesome! But as far as the seats, see the whole point is to go where the seats are closer and empty. Our "seats" were in the back, but we actually moved to the very close next the stage on the right side. Where Chris sang a lot. It was great. I loved it!!!! ok that is enough now.
It was good to see you FACE TO FACE the other night!

cady said...

you've been busy, busy, busy. i also am jealous about the coldplay!!

pinksundrops said...

The last few months, the goodbyes and the parties seem to be the best memories of moving. How awesome that you've been able to go to two such great concerts!

I'm not sure if you get comments emailed so make sure and read my last one on your previous post and email me if you want to. By the way I just responded to your comment on my post - Drew & Cheryl definently :) .