Friday, February 10, 2006

Girl Time

Last night, I ate at a delicious Greek bistro with 8 other girls. I’ve eaten there before a couple times and enjoyed it, but last night was better than ever. We ate at the new location (the other one is very quaint and intimate down in an old part of town) and had an area all to ourselves. We all sat in a huge booth surrounded by pillows, pillars, and curtains . . great atmosphere. We started out with a hummus sampler and lavash for appetizers and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Four of the girls were pregnant but a couple still sampled the wine. CS had a little less than half a glass and after everyone else had taken a few sips of theirs, she said, “Wow, that was good” and we looked over to see that she had just downed hers. I guess you had to be there, but it was funny. I ordered the special of the night which was a chicken breast covered in melted Havarti cheeses and a spinach and artichoke cream, with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed peppers. Dessert was vanilla crème brulee. A-ma-zing.

It’s getting a bit harder to be the only non-married person there, not to mention that all but two of us have kids. Usually it isn’t that big of a deal, but last night the subject of husbands and kids seemed to be pretty common – it’s only normal. I’m just totally not at that place, not even close . . at least I don’t think so. . and I don’t have a problem with that . . it just means I can’t relate.

Nevertheless, there were still a lot of laughs and I had a great time.


LindsayBlake said...

i can relate. that is my life recently. it's hard... but non the less where we are at. carry on dear friend :)

pinksundrops said...

That place sounds delicious!! I've never eaten at a Greek place except for gyros, though I love to make Greek, well non meat Greek dishes. (That's okay, honey, I'll make lamb - movie line).

Us Mommies still love to have those single friends. After the babies get a little older they're not so all consuming to talk about anymore and we sure enjoy the non baby talk. I sure know what it feels like to not be in the conversation though so maybe you can just be there when they're NOT talking about the babies, whenever that may be.

k said...

i know what you mean. very few of my friends have kids, but a lot are married or in a serious realationship. i am happy with where i am right now and don't envy them or anything, but sometimes i feel like i can't relate (well not just *feel* like it, i can't). but when i am at the stage in my life, i figure i'll have lots of people to go to for advice!!

Heather said...

Man I understand half my friends that I keep in touch with are married. It is nice to talk to others that are not.

Heather said...

Man I understand half my friends that I keep in touch with are married. It is nice to talk to others that are not.