Sunday, February 05, 2006

Baby Birthday and Bowling

Yesterday, I woke up feeling better than ever and decided to be productive. Bad idea.

I tried to clean my room, not realizing that so much activity would really wear me out. After organizing for less than half an hour, I just wanted to take a nap (and I'd had a lot of sleep). I was determined to go to Triston's 1st birthday party so I popped a few pills and headed for the Big O. By the time I got there I wasn't feeling any better. I wanted to crash on the couch, but that wasn't an option. I tried to have conversations with AMC and members of their families . . and a couple other married couples I knew that had come over. . . but I could barely move my mouth to properly form the words. I mean, I could, but it didn't feel very good!! Later on, L told me that her cousin thought I had a hangover . . . nice.

AMC asked if I wanted to go bowling after the party (with several other couples we knew). And, you guessed it, I couldn't say no! I had planned to leave early and go home for a movie, but when something fun was presented to me, I just couldn't pass it up. That's "Miss Memory Maker, Queen of Fun" for you. What's wrong with me!?

On the ride there, I was sleeping (and probably drooling) in the back seat. Once we arrived, the place was packed. They said we'd have to wait awhile for a lane. At this point, I was wishing I had stayed in the car to nap. There were video games and pool to play, so I decided to go for a game of pool. And guess who wanted to play? The Grrrlfriend and her sister. After losing really bad, The Grrrlfriend asks me "Are you drunk?" Grrrrr.

Once we got settled into our lanes and I got some soggy french fries and a few more pills into my system, I started to feel better. They started up the cosmic bowling after our first game and L & I turned into dancing machines. I was glad I had gone bowling and I knew I would be. I always have fun with that gang.

As I was getting ready to leave, The Grrrlfriend walks up to me and says "Next time you hear a noise, you can call me since 'Simon' won't come." (Referring to the other night when I got scared and called him.)

I thought: "I didn't ask him to come over. And, if I had, he would've come if you weren't such a controlling, jealous . . . person that God still loves and I need to love, too. And why would I call you when, after a year, I still don't know you very well?"

I said, "Oh . . well, I don't have your number."

"I'll have to give it to you. Then you can call me if you hear any noises."

I thought: "No offense, but it wouldn't exactly make me feel better to have you come check things out. In fact, I'd probably be more scared. Not to mention, how often do I house-sit? I don't think this is going to happen again."

I said, "Oh, I didn't hear any noises. I noticed the door was shut though I didn't shut it and Jewel was growling at something outside all night." I walked away.

What D said I should've said, "Grrrlfriend, if I wanted 'Simon' I could've had him a long time ago." Tempting, but I'm glad I didn't say that.

I understand being a girlfriend and not wanting your boyfriend to go over to another girl's place . . that's why I didn't ask him to come over! I just wish we could all be friends and he could act like my friend still. I want to like her, folks, but it's not easy.

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pinksundrops said...

Ugh. That's happened to me only I introduced her to him and she still acted that way.

You're a big person for trying to get along with her, it doesn't sound like the relationship is worth it - for you OR him.