Friday, January 27, 2006


L (of AMC) has a brother who we’ll call Simon. I met him just a few days after I met AMC. I actually worked for AMC a year and a half ago, and so did he. Hence, he too, became my friend. He lived with AMC so every time I would hang out with them, he would, too. It was awkward when I realized he liked me and he tried to pay for my meal a few times, etc. I just played dumb. This went on for quite awhile. I tried dropping hints and even saying something to AMC (I knew they were hopeful). Eventually he got the message and we carried on as friends.

And then he met her. Actually he’d known her for a long time, but she had been married. Not anymore. And she wanted him. So she went after him and got him. We all knew this was a bad deal. We asked him about her and she didn’t have the same values he did. They didn’t see eye-to-eye on the most important thing. But he dated her anyway. And ever since he hasn’t been as friendly or as talkative to AMC or I. She’s not friendly either. She hasn’t made efforts to get to know his family or friends. Yet he doesn’t like her friends, either. One night we had a get-together with a group of friends and they completely excluded themselves. And then there’s the jealousy factor. On both sides. They’re both so paranoid about each other. They once got in a fight because she saw that he had called me (to tell me he wouldn’t be at Choir that night and to tell our director).

Sooo, when I called him last night . . five times in a row . . that probably didn’t go over too well. Hehe. But I was scared. I was alone in AMC’s house, which hadn’t bothered me all week until last night. Last night it was sooo windy and Jewel kept growling because she thought she heard something. I thought it was just the TV. When I let the dogs outside again, I noticed that the sliding screen door was shut. And I did not shut it . . . I was positive. The movie I’d just watched had me a little anxious so I was probably extra paranoid. But sometimes I think you can never be too careful. So I called him. He’s the only guy I know who lives close by. I knew he wouldn’t answer. I knew I’d have to keep calling to get him to see the urgency of the matter. So I literally called five times. Then he called me back . . finally. He sounded really annoyed. I explained the situation and he told me the wind probably blew the screen door shut. This made me feel better, but I was still a little nervous. I knew he’d really be ticked if I asked him to come check the place out, so I just made him stay on the phone while I went into each room. But he sounded so inconvenienced by the whole thing. I mean I could’ve died. I almost wished someone would’ve been in the house just so he would feel bad. He was never this rude before . . never. In fact, he would’ve offered to come over if it hadn’t been for HER. I was tempted to make some smart-mouth comment to him on phone, but I refrained. I want to be happy for him, because he’s my friend, but he’s really gotten himself into a mess. I hope he comes to his senses soon (but it’s been a year already).

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Sarah said...

That sucks. Sometimes there are some friends you just have to let go of and hope they see sense themselves.