Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good-bye '05, Hello '06

I was so excited to go be social on New Year's Eve, but it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped . . . however, I'm not at all disappointed.

After reading about Girl's filet mignon, I was really craving steak and determined to treat myself . . I just didn't have anyone to go with. Fortunately, after an afternoon spent playing games with "Indiana cousins", Uptown Grandma announced that they were having steak for dinner. Since it was nearly 6 o'clock and I was still wearing no make-up and an oversized sweatshirt, I decided to just stay and enjoy my cousins a while longer . . . and some delicious free food. Dinner was so yummy - steak, salad, baked potatoes, jello w/ bananas, and garlic bread. My cousins are so sweet and so much fun. We all went around the table to shared 2005 highlights and desires for 2006. I'm so glad I stayed.

BF went down to the French Cafe in the Old Market in Omaha for an elaborate meal with her family, but agreed to meet up with me for dessert at Melting Pot. It was sooo good. We got the Milk Chocolate S'mores fondue. We stayed and chatted and welcomed in the new year, toasting with our refreshing ice cold waters :) We, too, reflected on highlights of this last year and shared our hopes for this year.

After saying good-night to BF, I went over to T's with S and her sister, but T was in a bad mood after facing a little "girl rejection" that night, so he wasn't his usual self. And there weren't too many other people there, so we called it a night around 2:30.

I'm glad to see 2005 go. It wasn't a bad year, but not one of the more significant ones I've had. I'm hoping 2006 will be a bit more eventful. However, 2005 was a good year.

For one thing, the Lord completed a wonderful work in my heart at the beginning of the year which meant I was able to enjoy this entire year feeling totally alive and whole again. Thank you, Jesus!

This year was a year of dancing . . not just in my heart, but literally, as well. I wasn't happy to learn, two weeks into the spring semester, that I hadn't really just graduated and needed one more credit to get my diploma! But, it turned out to be a blessing, because I signed up for Social Dance class and had a great time learning many ballroom and latin dances, as well as lindyhop and jitterbug. I even performed for over 500 people at the Qwest Center! And I'm now line-dancing into the new year with the Country Kickers and having so much fun!

This year, I took my first "real job" and moved home at the same time, which is pretty ironic. Both have been great experiences, though. I've met some great people at my job and learned what field I'm not really interested in. I'm hoping to find something I'm much more suited for this coming year. I've enjoyed being at home with my family and living a little more of a slower-paced life not being in Omaha. I take back what I said about not ever wanting to live in F-town again. I think it will be tough to leave, because I'm pretty sure this time it will be for good.

I gained some new family members this year - a sister-in-law, a nephew, and a niece, as well as a couple of cousins. Something I never imagined happening a year ago.

I loved my trip to Table Rock Lake this summer. It was so refreshing! and the only vacation I took this year, which was a big jump from seven trips in 2004! I hope to do a lot more traveling this year.

Of course, being involved in Fresh Start has been great and I'm looking forward to starting another group of teen girls in about a week.

I've decided to take a break from church Choir indefinitely. It's been great being a part of such an awesome choir, though. I can't wait to be able to hear from the audience again!

Most importantly, this coming year, I just want to grow closer to the Lord. It may sound cliche, but I mean it. I want to experience more intimacy with Him and have more of His heart in me.

Here's to 2006! May it be full of life, passion, and purpose!


k said...

Sounds like a great New Years! I love the Melting Pot!! Cheers to a great upcoming year!

Alyssa said...

Everyone is talking about the Melting POt, and it makes me want to try it so bad. Unfortunatly we do not have one here but as soon as I get somewhere that does I am there! All the blessings to you in 2006!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year!! I hope its a really lovely one for you!