Thursday, January 05, 2006

One down

I'm proud to announce that one of my resolutions for 2006 has already been accomplished . . but it had nothing to do with my own determination or self-discipline.

My resume looks good. . . as opposed to looking like crap as it has for so long (at least according to Me, my biggest critic).

I received a phone call yesterday about a great opportunity and, after talking to a couple of people, learned I'd need to send my resume . . today!! I panicked. I immediately contacted the one person I knew who actually enjoys putting a resume together and offered her $50 to fix mine. I was desperate! Fortunately, she couldn't do it . . because I ended up e-mailing to my cousin in Florida and she made it look great . . for free!

So regardless of what happens with this opportunity, I have just saved myself a lot of guilt over procrastination and a lot of time that I would've spent trying to fix it myself to no avail . . and when all it needed was a few tweaks and a little re-formatting.

One goal down, nine to go!


k said...

I hear you - resumes are such a pain. It is nice that you have it done now so if any other exicitng opportunities come up, you'll be ready.

A new job possibility? That's fun!

Anne said...

That's awesome! You inspire me.