Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Out They Go

I finally heeded the advice of my dentist . . the advice he gave me at least three years ago . . "You need to get your wisdom teeth out." I've been in denial ever since. In high school, he once mentioned that they weren't moving and may never present a problem. . buuut he changed his story a few years later and I just didn't want to believe him. Lately, I've noticed some sensitivity back there and have even felt a molar surfacing . . unevenly! Even if there was zero pain, I don't want my other teeth crowding to make room for these intruders. . I didn't have braces twice for nothing! Over the holidays, my cousin had hers out and told me a story about a girl my age whose teeth had surfaced and taken root so deep that she lost all feeling in her bottom front teeth . . for good! I think that was my breaking point . . it had to be done.

Today I met with my oral surgeon who ended up being very personable and even funny (and, may I add, good-looking). He made me almost look forward to coming in again, even if I will be incoherent for the whole procedure. I was in a hurry to get it over with, so I'm scheduled for a week from tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to having my whole weekend shot . . especially since I was hoping to go snow tubing. On the other hand, it will be nice to have a few days of yummy shakes and smoothies and lots of good movies. BF needs to get hers out, too, and ideally we would've liked to be able to veg out together all weekend, but I doubt she'll be able to schedule an appointment on such late notice.

'Til next week, I'll be looking forward to being free of the impending inconvenience.


cady said...

i haven't had mine taken out. good thing i don't have too...the stories people have told me freak me out! i'm not good with pain. heh.

Chas said...

I have a lucky genetic defect running in my family; we don't have wisdom teeth. However, my husband says it's not so bad, so good luck with it.

k said...

I had mine out in college. While I can't say I liked the experience, it wasn't all that bad. I ate non-liquid foods that night.

Sarah said...

I want to see my dentist!! unfortunately, he's not that good looking.