Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chilly/Chili Night

Last night I passed up the extra $20-30 bucks I would’ve made had I stayed after for a work meeting. It wasn’t mandatory and my co-worker said she’d take notes for me and since she loves taking notes so much, I didn’t want to rob her of that. Plus, I just wanted to go home. I didn’t know what I’d do when I got there, but I just wanted to go home.
And I’m so glad I did, because I had such a great night.

I found my sister home alone, starting to make chili in the kitchen, and decided, since it wouldn’t be ready for awhile, to go for a jog. . . something I hadn’t done since . . crap, I don’t even remember. Temps were in the 30s so I needed to dress appropriately. I dug through my drawer for the Cuddle Duds. Yes, the Cuddle Duds. I feel so attractive when I wear them. In fact, one of my embarrassing moments involves them. In college, I loooved winter time more than usual, because I got to walk around campus in sub-zero temps and then roast once I got to class (definitely being sarcastic). It was so cold that I was actually excited about finding the Cuddle Duds in my stocking one Christmas. I wore them countless times to class. Usually they’d be under sweatpants and a sweatshirt, but one particular day I wore them with jeans. My professor was handing back papers and I lifted up out of my seat and reached forward to grab them only to realize that my sweater had risen above my pantline and my high-rise Cuddle Duds were there for all the class to see! (if anyone was looking). I felt my cheeks flush and I got warm all over. I wanted to stand, turn around, and make a public declaration that “I, Laura ________, do not wear granny panties with an elastic waistband!” But I do wear Cuddle Duds. And last night I also wore the only stocking cap I could find, which is literally from the 70s and has one of those multi-colored balls on top. . . Kinda cute in a retro sort of way.

Jogging felt great . . so refreshing. When the chili still wasn’t ready after I got home, I pulled out my Ball and did the entire sheet of recommended exercises that filled up about half of my living room. I finished my workout by putting in The Firm DVD for abs that I’ve done once since buying it almost a year ago. It says you’re guaranteed visible results in 10 workouts and I plan to put it to the test.

I ended my night by renting “Must Love Dogs” which I hadn’t seen yet. It was cute, but is it just me, or do movies lately seem to skip over the whole relationship development thing? It’s like, “We laughed together once and you said something sweet to me on our first date and I’m crazy attracted to you, so let’s have sex, because this must be love.” I just love the movies where you feel like you got to kinda watch them fall in love a little bit.

One of my favorite lines from the movie, though, was: “He’s emotional and he likes to talk . . .This is a mythical figure, Sarah.” I’m not sure why I liked it so much; I’ve dated a mythical figure myself.

Work sucks. I’m always such an optimist about work, but we have a new program we’re using and none of us are big fans of it. Plus, I’m thinking about that opportunity I wrote about last week. I just need to find out what’s going to happen. I’ve been biting my nails like crazy - I couldn’t even open the shampoo lid today in the shower. I don’t want it to happen if it’s not going to be a good thing, but I really hope it could be a good thing and happen!! I want to break out of the ordinary . . at least for a little while.

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