Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today I'm wishing I could be in Omaha celebrating my mother. And in doing so, also enjoying some great food from Charleston's, including but not limited to honey-glazed croissants, the tenderist chicken tenders dipped in honey mustard (oh I know, 'tenderist' isn't a word!), french fries, the best spinach dip ever, or maybe the off-the-menu Monterey sandwich. But I digress.

Back to Mom. She will most likely order something on the inexpensive side today, and she'll graciously accept any compliments paid her, always humble, never thinking of herself.

I tried to think of my first memory of Mom and found that it was really hard to do. I just remember her always being there, always giving, always making delicious food, always speaking words of wisdom, always being slow to anger, patient, kind, never selfish.

Wow, Mom is so full of LOVE.

Mom, thank you for all you've taught me. Thank you for telling me about Jesus. More importantly, thank you for being so much like Him, because actions speak much louder than words.

You are beautiful. I love your heart. I love you.


Mom said...

I love you too honey! I loved and love being your Mom. You are such a blessing. I remember praying for you as I rocked you to sleep and my prayers have been more than answered. You are such a quality person and I am praying that someone very special will realize that and be blessed by you and be a blessing to you.

Anonymous said...

L you are so sweet and you know your Mom so well. We both had the chicken club salad (with the tendrist tenders) AND honey glazed croissants. after lunch we hung out with your sis and bro in law at Thunder alley where, among other things we played laser tag because nothing says "I love you" like shooting a lazer at a family member. And yes your Mom is amazing. I am so thankful she could stay home and raise you kids. I could never ask for more. Dad

Traveler said...

It doesn't get any better than that.