Friday, May 22, 2009


Georgetown in the background (out my living room window)

I attended the 2009 Georgetown med school graduation and watched two friends walk across the stage after four long, intense years of studying, sleep deprivation, and big decisions. Last year, I saw three of my friends graduate from the same school, and fortunately two of them stayed here for residency. This year, one will stay and the other (KC's boyfriend) will move halfway across the country for the next eight years. And recently, two other friends have announced they'll be leaving, too.

It's just another reminder that this city is very transient. You make friends and then they move. I've seen friends move to North Carolina for law school, Boston for a boyfriend, Chicago for business school, and San Diego to begin married life. Fortunately I still have some wonderful friends left here, but each time someone moves I wonder who's next.

And I haven't been thinking it would be me. And it may not be. But I had a conversation last week that has me wondering what my future could hold. I love it here, not sure I could love it more, but what if a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along? I don't feel at liberty to say what this opportunity might be, but I can say that it is the last thing I would ever dream up for myself.

Excuse me while I go spend some serious time in prayer . . :)

(Fortunately I have a few months to pray!)

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