Thursday, May 07, 2009

Delicious Dinner

With only three weeks left before seeing our friend off to an 8 year neurosurgery residency in Denver (whoa), KC has put some fancy farewell dinners on the calendar. It’s exactly what I would want if I were moving . . or even if I were not moving! The first of these dinners was last weekend, when four of us made reservations at DC Coast downtown. My initial plan was of course to only indulge in an entrée and skip the first course and dessert. However, as I'm sure you could've guessed, plans changed.

Several first course items caught my attention, and the extremely knowledgeable server sold me on the tuna tartare in coconut milk and lime juice. The presentation was top-notch! The tuna came served in a coconut bowl that sat atop a bed of ice and slices of lime! Scooped onto wonton crisps, the dish was absolute perfection.

Although the Coast is apparently one of DC’s best seafood restaurants, I had also heard great things from the bartender about their pork chop. I almost always order seafood at upscale restaurants, so I was in need of a change. Served in a light delicious sauce (of I don't know what) with snap pea ragout, wild ramps, and Norland potatoes, I devoured it with no ordering regrets. It was by far the best pork chop I’ve ever tasted! In addition, we all shared sides of sautéed spinach (best ever!) and macaroni and three cheese gratin.

When the dessert menus were delivered, we laughed that the homemade ice cream trio specified Tahitian vanilla bean (in addition to milk chocolate caramel and strawberry) as if it were that much different than regular vanilla bean. But oh, how wrong we were! The Tahitian part was amazing.

I do a fair amount of eating out, but between the sharing, the laughing, the eye-closing enjoyment of the food, and the phenomenal flavor, presentation, and service, this is one dinner I won’t forget.

I'm anxiously awaiting our next meal!

(Unfortunately KC hasn’t sent along pictures and my camera was dead.)

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