Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Family Time

Last night I celebrated three years in D.C., spending the evening with the family kind enough to take me in for my first six weeks in the city. Cousin J, and his wife K invited me over to catch up, have dinner, and watch 24. Despite the downpour of rain, K went outside and grilled the Italian dressing-soaked chicken for our delicious, healthy salads of leafy greens, grape tomatoes, pine nuts, feta, and olive oil and balsamic dressing. J instead had a dinner of mushroom-stuffed ravioli and meat sauce. He claimed that K’s diet this past couple of weeks has been “slowly whittling his life away”, as he’s been forced to eat only ultra-healthy foods. But isn’t that supposed to lengthen your life? Whatever, J. :) We also drank glasses of pinot noir and tried a few slices of whole wheat French bread, something I didn’t even know existed. It doesn’t really taste like French bread, so I would agree with J that it kind of defeats the purpose. Still, I thought it was good.

K is quite the gabber, so I accidentally stayed past my bedtime immersed in a very important discussion about white jeans and department stores.

The kids were as cute as ever. I want to eat them up! And I better get asked to babysit SOON.

It’s so nice having family in town.

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