Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gold Cup

(not our car)
This past weekend, I spent all day Saturday at the horse races - the big-deal Virginia Gold Cup. I'd been in the fall, but the spring event is a much dressier, even rowdier affair, and quite honestly, a lot more fun.

We secured a spot right at the fence and set up our chairs, grill, and table full of snacks. Our table was not nearly as fancy as many others we saw with floral centerpieces, real china, and silver. Not exactly the kind of tailgate I'm used to!

Someone else's definition of tailgating includes a pitcher of sangria and a sit-down meal!The fanciest spread of all!
Before the races began, we sat back and watched the pretty (and ugly) dresses file in, especially taking note of all the hats.

One of my favorites.
And one of my least favorites


The ladies aren't the only ones in fun outfits. Check out what the guys were wearing . .

Seersucker and John Deere, not two things I would normally put together, but I like it!

Bowties and pastels galore.

Oh and look at this - an actual "gold cup".

Between races, we also . .

Walked around the "members only" camp

Tried on fancy hats

Placed (dollar) bets among our group

Grilled burgers (and some made drinks)

And then the races began . .

It was a fun day out in the countryside and hopefully I'll be able to go back next year!


pinksundrops said...

Oh my gosh I'm so jealous!! I've always wanted to go to a horse race and get all dressed up like that with the fun hats!! Take me with you next time!!

pinksundrops said...

By the way, you got some gorgeous pictures!! I love seeing all the outfits in the backgrounds of each of them. Totally love your favorite dress, too! And the navy blue and white one behind her. Then, in the picture with your least favorite, LOVE the black and white hat on the lady in the background!! Those outfits the guys are wearing are totally adorable. I would find it totally hot for Brando to dress up like that to go there. Just for one day though ; ) .

Love the horse racing pictures, too! Funny that it's a grass track. They almost look like they are out for a leisurely stroll, a very fast leisurely stroll, any way. The colorful tents and jockey outfits, and the green countryside - ACK! I love it!!

Jenni Lynn said...

Oh my word those tables were ridiculous! I didn't know fancy dining and tailgate parties were in the same sentence, but still fun none the less. I may even bring a pitcher of sangria to my next tailgater

The Girl said...

Great photos... and great hat!

my life is brilliant said...

Oh my gosh, how fun!

Maybe K and I will be able to go to those next year!!!