Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food in New York

This trip to New York was more an adventure than past trips, because I played navigator for the first time! There is something that thrills me about finding my way in another city (heck, even my own sometimes!), although NYC had always intimidated me until last weekend. I'm happy to say that it no longer seems so overwhelming, and I loved walking miles through different neighborhoods, not only finding my way around but seeing which streets ran into which and discovering places to which I'd like to return.

Once we arrived in the city, my roommate and I were very hungry, a state I particularly love to be in, because it's a feeling I love to satisfy. We went straight to Union Square to fill our tummies with a very chocolatey lunch.

Union Square

Max Brenner's international restaurant
serves at least a little bit of chocolate in every meal, and there happened to be a lot in mine.

Max Brenner

I ordered the pancakes with dark chocolate truffle cream, caramelized bananas, and cocoa powder dusted over the top.

pancakes with cocoa powder, caramelized bananas, and choc sauces

Max Brenner

While waiting to meet a friend for dinner that evening, we searched the streets of Soho for some outdoor seating and a good appetizer. We found both at Mezzogiorno, ordering the calamari sauteed with tomato, avocado and red pepper. I'm not sure I've ever had calamari that wasn't fried, but I loved it just the same.

the calamari

I also enjoyed my fair share of yummy bread and breadsticks!

apps in Soho

By the time we trekked a long distance from Penn Station to Upper East (with a crowded walk through Times Square), we were hungry yet again.

Times Square

Meeting up with my good D.C. friend, we again found a place outdoors and inhaled our own pizzas while enjoying the evening breeze.

yummy pizza

I have no pictures to share of other meals, but we did find a great place in the West Village at which to . . you guessed it, enjoy the great weather with open air seating. I can't recall the name of the restaurant, but the grilled salmon sandwich was amazing!

As usual, NYC did not disappoint in the food department. It only made it very hard to choose which restaurants to try!

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