Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And Another One!

Ok, don't roll your eyes, but I went to another cupcake shop. They're popping up all over out here, and this weekend I proved that I'll travel many miles for a taste test. I love driving alone, and I wanted to get out of the apartment, so 30 minutes later I found myself in Fairfax at Cupcakes Actually.

After driving 30 minutes, I wasn't leaving with just one, you know, so I took home the vanilla bean, mint julep, red velvet, and actually dipped peanut butter. The cake wasn't as moist as I prefer, but I have to give them credit for dipping the tops of their frosted cupcakes in fudge. That is original. And that was probably my favorite cupcake. It tasted like a big peanut butter cup! The vanilla bean frosting was notably better than other vanilla frostings I've tried, too.

Although small and only providing seating for four, the interior design was quite cute. For one thing, I loved the mosaic tiles.

And the silver cake stands . .

But most of all, the glass board . .

Now I have to make it clear that I did not go home and consume all four cupcakes. I cut each in half and shared the rest with my roommmates. I'm giving like that. That, or I'm perfectly aware that bathing suit season is just weeks away!


pinksundrops said...

Hahaha, I totally sent that text this afternoon before I read this. That's it. When can I come visit you? Do you have any free weekends this summer? A trip to DC might be just what I need for my birthday!!

Plush Palate said...

one word: YUM! :)