Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Over the past three years it's been fun collecting small things that will later tell the story of my life here. I don't hold on to everything, but a ticket here or there, a receipt, or a bottle of champagne with the Presidential seal remind me of experiences I've had that I might otherwise not fully remember. You can't always take pictures of everything.

The other day, I snagged this plastic card my boss mistakenly brought back to the office. (I'm covering up the call-in number.) I have friends that have traveled with the President (Bush), been responsible for ensuring that his speeches were factual, even a friend that flew solo on Air Force One with the secret service. I can't tell stories quite that cool (or let's be honest, even close), but I still think it's pretty great that I get the opportunity to work so closely to the leader of our country (since my boss meets with him and his advisors regularly). To be a part of something that will one day be written about in history books, whether I like that piece of history or not.

The fact that I'm here is proof that God's plans are way bigger and better than anything we can dream up. It makes the future that much more exciting.

(By the way, I think bigger and better plans can be had anywhere. In homes, in families, in jobs that don't seem very exciting. My job is no more significant than my stay-at-home mother's was or my car salesman dad's is. It's just different, and it's just where God wants me.)

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