Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun at the Fountain

Everyone knows that there are weirdos a plenty in New York City. I saw plastic flowers in hair, the ugliest outfits ever, and so many more oddities. The one I particularly enjoyed was this man below:

searching for coins

It was no surprise to see someone digging coins out of the fountain, but this man had no intention of holding onto them for himself. He wanted to hit the top of the fountain with them.

throwing coins and trying to hit top of fountain . . i think

We weren't the only ones laughing, but after watching for a few minutes, I decided I wanted to try myself. He happily obliged, handing me a coin and saying "Be my guest".

throwing coins, too!

So where weirdos and funky smells abound, fun can also be found! (Can you tell what I don't love about the city?) :)


The Girl said...

I maintain that besides New Orleans, NYC is THE smelliest place on earth - especially in the summer. Unbearable!!

Allison said...

Wow, an interesting character he is! That picture of him digging out the money is too funny.

Iva said...

so funny!!! :)

Have a great weekend! I can't wait to see your next blog post!

Jersey said...

Fantastic, isn't it? Gotta love NYC! Have fun!

Mia Dickinson said...

Im planning on moving to NYC in "The Fall" as you guys call it.

Cant wait to meet characters like him!

The pictures are awesome Laura x

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i like that someone joined in the fun with him!