Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Dress, a Party, and a Baseball Game

The Dress
I did find a dress at Bloomingdale's. It's more than I've ever spent on a dress, but it was on sale quite a bit, and I love it. It took trying on about 8 dresses to find the right one. I'm not sure that I'll wear it to my friend's wedding next week, which was basically the excuse for getting it, but I know I'll find something to wear it to soon. It's really hard to describe. All I can say is that it's a BCBG olive green dress that falls just above my knee. (Not that the fact that it's BCBG helps you visualize it - I'm just excited to have found such a great dress on sale). Some of it is crocheted and it has subtle sequins and beading in some places. It probably sounds fancy, but it's not really. It looks much better on than on the rack, so I'll post a picture once I wear it.

Exclusive Thursday Night
Thursday night (which is apparently the new Friday), I didn't really feel like going anywhere, but Vanderbilt had invited Leigh and I to an "exclusive" party. It sounded pretty cool, so I agreed to pick up Leigh at the metro and go to Georgetown. Vanderbilt had our names put on the list so that we could get in, because apparently it was capped at 100 people (there were free drinks). Especially since I had driven, I wanted to make sure to keep the drinking at a bare minimum. It was already 10 o'clock and my "bedtime" is at 11, so I knew I didn't want to stay too long. Well . . not staying too long turned into about 2 in the morning! I was having a great time with Vanderbilt and his friends, meeting people, dancing, etc. It was at a bar called Smith Point, which I'd heard was where all the preppie rich kids hung out. The rumor was true. I'd never seen so many thousand dollar bags, designer threads and perfect-looking people in one place in my entire life. It's sad to admit, but had I not been wearing some of my designer things, I may have felt out of place. However, like Leigh said, you can look just as nice in something sophisticated and classic as you can in overpriced, trendy pieces.

I was reluctant when Vanderbilt suggested we make an appearance at the Polo party (we have a co-worker who played in a big Polo event) at a place called Blue Gin. It was late, and I needed to head home, but I'm so glad I went, because I met Derek Jeter!! Leigh and I spotted him in the corner and made our way over to introduce ourselves. He was very nice and polite and is even better looking in person. I would've pulled out my camera, but I was getting an unfriendly vibe from one of the girls he was with.

After leaving, I could not, for the life of me, remember where my car was! It was so late that I decided to forget about it and just catch a cab home. Of course, I was so embarrassed the next morning for CousinJ and K to see that I was home, but my car wasn't. It looks bad and I've not had any time to explain. Friday morning, Vanderbilt was nice enough to give me a ride to find it, and I had to pay $30 to get it out of the parking garage. I didn't feel too bad, since the whole night hadn't cost me anything.

BBQ and a Ballgame
Friday night, I wasn't up to Happy Hour - had no desire to drink or be around it. Rochester came into my office, and after beating around the bush forever, asked me if I wanted to grab a bite to eat. He let me choose, and I picked BBQ at Red Hot and Blue. We ended up renting a movie, too, which made for a very nice, low-key night. Again, he paid for everything, even though I certainly tried to pay.

Today, he & I went to the Yankees/Nationals game. I'm a Yankees fan, so I was thrilled that he asked me to come along. He's a fan as well but hadn't seen them play before. Sadly, they lost, but we had great seats and it was still a lot of fun! The humidity was killer! Right away, I pointed out a lady whose pants were completely wet in the back . . . Little did I know, that would be me in a couple hours -ew!

After getting back to his place, I realized that I had nothing to do tonight. At first, I hoped he'd suggest evening plans, but I didn't ask, and when I got into my car, I realized that I wanted nothing more than to go home. Even though the game was a blast, I was so exhausted from the last two nights that I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open! It was so frustrating! It took everything in me to stay awake on the car ride back to Rochester's.

So tonight, I did a little laundry, heated up a pizza, ran to CVS and went to Safeway to use my coupon for a free pint of Haagen-Dazs cookies and cream! It was just what I needed.


cady said...

what a fun, busy few days! that party sounds awesome. that's so cool that you met derek jeter! mmmm...cookies and cream ice cream...i may have to make a grocery store run today. :)

Stacey said...

I've always wanted to go to an "exclusive" party. The closest I've ever gotten to that is several closed CD release parties in Atlanta. But yours sounds much cooler! :)

Heather said...

Wow the party sounds great. I would have been like you and felt over priced but it is nice to pretend too.

boodut said...

i hear u met derek tell...

Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter is a disgrace to baseball. He really isn't very good. I feel sorry for you that you met him.