Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Perfect (Half) Day Off

Today was such a relaxing day. I only actually worked about 2 hours, then ate Greek food that was catered in (we get lunch at the office each Friday), and went home. Since I'm going in tomorrow morning, I got this afternoon off. What to do . . what to do. . . go to the beach, of course!

I went jogging along the ocean today and it was perfect. It was beautiful . . the weather was perfect. Tomorrow I'll post a few of the many pictures I took.

After my jog, I went to a nearby salon to have my hair texturized and thinned out . . it's been driving me crazy for sooo long. The girl did a great job on it, but DANG! it was expensive. It cost $50, and I didn't even have any length taken off. Then, after I bought some Bumble & bumble styling cream and left a tip, I was up to $77!! I could've gone to Rocco's about a mile away, but once I walked up to the door, I did a quick 180 when I got a closer look at the place and saw the sign that read "Women's Haircuts: $16.75". My hair is worth much more to me than that. I wonder . . when I place cuts hair for that cheap, do they even know the definition of the word "texturize"?

I headed home to actually cook myself a meal. For the past 2 weeks, the only thing I've eaten at home is PB & J or Wheaties. I finally went grocery shopping this week, which was one of the most depressing things I've done in awhile, considering the prices I had to pay. But cooking something good tonight wasn't in the cards. I don't have a big history of using gas stoves . . or any stove for that matter, since I don't do much cooking . . so I thought perhaps they took extra-long to heat up. Once I became light-headed and the butter in pan still hadn't melted, I began to wonder . . so I phoned Mom and she told me 5 times to turn the stove off and open my windows! Looks like I'll have to call maintenance to have the pilot-thing turned on. And my supper tonight . . PB & J.

I went shopping with Delaware at a very cute boutique and almost left without buying anything. . but I spotted this long gold chain with faux pearls and charms at the end and just had to have it. I also spotted some earrings for $20 that I paid $10 for in Omaha. Crazy.


pinksundrops said...

But you can find SO many neat things in Cali that you can't find elsewhere. I figure that's the price to pay.

Hey it's the perfect time for farmer's markets and I'm sure San Diego has an amazing one. You can find delicious fresh stuff you don't have to cook and enjoy the experience - the prices are MUCH cheaper for produce in Cali than anywhere else. And that's the stuff that's good for you :) !

Beach... jog... is it going to bother you that the word jealous will appear in each of my comments for the four months you are in Cali? I may have to work on that :D .

cady said...

i'm with you on the gas stoves. i told joe we cannot buy a house with one because i just don't know how to use them! i'm scared of them...exploding or something like that. heh.