Saturday, March 18, 2006

Clothes Horse

Last night, I finally saw Virginia's closet:

This is what he brought for his 6 month stay here in California. We tease him about it all the time, among other things, but he's such a good sport.

Getting to know him more, I've decided he's the whitest black guy I've ever met. He even likes country music. His name, in itself, sounds posh and prestigious . . I wish so badly I could write it! He even states his first-(hyphen)-middle and last name on his voice mail! And you almost start to think he's gay because he's so fashion-conscious and particular about things, but he's not. His girlfriend is here this weekend with her friends and is just as polite and proper as he is. He really is such a gentleman, always being courteous and opening doors for women, etc. He may be the most refined person I've ever known. Somehow he wound up getting a Jag for a rental car . . probably helped that he used his parents Hertz Gold card and whined about how much he missed his Range Rover back home. Last night, I was telling his girlfriend about Fashion Valley and he said, "Yes, they have Burberry, Neiman Marcus, and Louis . . some of our favorite stores." But he's not conceited about it. Apparently his dad used to work for the Secretary of something in D.C. and he's had internships there since he was 16. Other people's lives are so interesting, aren't they? I suppose since I'm a blogger, it's kind of a given that I think that.


pinksundrops said...

Wow. My closet certainly doesn't look like that!

I agree other people's lives are interesting. I feel like here in blogland it makes me more aware that not everybody's life is like mine, and not everybody feels the way I feel about things.

Boodut said...

Thank you for the flowers. It made my night.

k said...

Wow! That is more clothes than like all of my guy friends combind!!