Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Mar" News

Sunday, I went to church here. I really liked it. The worship can't touch my church's . . but not many can. It was good, though, and I liked the pastor and his message. The greeters were so friendly and made me feel so welcome. They had a ministry fair afterward, too, and there were so many different ways to get involved. I'm hoping to try one of their small groups for young professionals tomorrow. (*On a comparably unimportant note: good-looking Christian guys . . they do exist.)

Sunday afternoon, I went to the beach and watched the sun set! It's pretty much a straight shot (2 miles) west from my apartment. And each day when I get off work, the sun is about the set, so I plan on heading over often.

The first two days of work have been great. I haven't been nervous at all. So far, I'm really enjoying what I'm doing and I like the people I work with. I've been able to get to know them more, and they're a lot of fun. Sunday night, I went to Spice Thai with Minnesota (my manager)& Philly (I'll refer to them by location :) Then we met up with everyone else at the clubhouse and played pool and hung out.

Tonight, El Presidente (President of the company) took us out to eat (it's a weekly thing) and we ate at Jake's Del Mar. (Too bad the website doesn't have a picture to do it justice.) My seat was facing the ocean, which was about 100 feet away, so I could see the waves coming in the whole time. On the drive there, I was driving on a main road and came around the corner and the view of the ocean was amazing. It took my breath away. At the restaurant, we ate whatever we wanted. . . such as Artichoke Heart something-or-other appetizer and fried calamari. . . . NY Strip Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies (and a taste of the salmon and ahi seared tuna) . . . and their famous Hula Pie and Creme Brulee for dessert. We had a lot of laughs.

-Delaware (the girl I said was loud) is cool and I like here more now that I've gotten to know her.
-Birmingham has the slightest, most sophisticated Southern accent and he's very proper, but kinda awkward at times.
-Rochester (a guy I interviewed with before coming out here) is cool and funny in his own way. Somehow I get a kick out of him.
-Hillcrest is gay and quite a riot . . . Rochester and I watched "Coyote Ugly" at his place tonight. He had crackers and "neopolitan" cheese set out.
-Virginia (the guy with all the clothes and the love for alcohol) is very nice, gentlemanly, and easy to joke with. We teased him tonight, because his wine glass was FULL of red wine and he hadn't touched his water. We also teased him about the look on his face when we rode "Space Mountain" . . we'll never stop laughing about that.
-Philly is cool . . a free spirit, entrepreneur type guy. I pointed out to Delaware that he looks like a muppet when he laughs . . and he laughs all the time, so I don't know how we'll look at him from now on. If he wouldn't laugh, he's a nice-looking guy.

Well, these are just to name a few, but needless to say, I'm getting to know everyone more . . and enjoying it.


cady said...

i'm glad you're liking it out there and having so much fun. sounds like your coworkers are a blast. :)

LindsayBlake said...

you realize how blessed you are when you leave... reference to trinity that is. it's an amazing church where God is stirring things up... you know if you have itunes you can get the podcasts from big church and terra nova now. that will be a life saver for me when i leave. know you are loved and missed.

Heather said...

So the guy is from Birmingham. I wonder where he went to college.

k said...

it sounds like you are settling in! warm weather... i am jealous!

L said...

Heather - The guy from Birmingham went to a small college in Virginia.

pinksundrops said...

Oooh I'm going to be so jealous hearing so much about the waves, the ocean, the beach. Gosh it sounds gorgeous just like it is.