Thursday, March 16, 2006

Girl Fun

Yesterday, after work, Delaware and I took about a 3 mile walk (round trip) to the tanning salon and I bought a package. This isn't something I was really planning on doing in San Diego. I thought that if one lives in San Diego, one is tan. Period. No planned exposure to sun necessary. This is not true. I guess the same rules of logic apply in Southern California . . at least when it comes to tanning.

I hung out with Pink's cousin (PC) again last night, along with a few of her friends and they had a very fun idea. They gathered all the clothes they no longer wanted, laid them out on their living room floor, and let each other take she wanted. . . like the whole "one man's junk is another man's treasure" thing. I did feel odd sticking mass amounts of clothing in my little plastic bag while they sat and watched. . especially since I came out here with only my favorite stuff or whatever I needed, so I didn't have anything to contribute. Nevertheless, they said if no one took it, it would just go to a thrift store anyway. So I did end up with a couple shirts for work, some workout t-shirts, and some fun casual shirts. They made Rice Krispie treats and brownies, too. PC and her friends really are very fun and easy to hang out with. You know you've found a cool group when you're ready to participate in a round of Nair lip hair removal with them. How many people would you walk around in a white moustache with?

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pinksundrops said...

OH MY WORD. This is torture. I so want to transport myself over there to just hang for a night with you and her. Seriously though new clothes for FREE, who can beat that? Mmmm maybe Rice Krispie treats can.

So does that Nair stuff work well?