Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snapshots from Arizona

Can you find me in this picture from the Phoenix Open? Here's a hint: I'm wearing two hats.
This one didn't make the Facebook cut. Something about Crown Royal, beer, and the word "party" seems to send the wrong message. That and the fact that I chose to wear not one, but two hats on my head, plus sunglasses. I added a third later. But I enjoyed the event completely sober.
And then I satisfied my craving for a little In 'n Out after the tournament.
On my trip to Sedona, I stopped at a "gallery" - whatever that means. Here are the chilis I mentioned. That's a lot of chilis!
I pulled over about 252 times to take pictures, but the coolest view was probably from the highest point in town.
Again - Suns game, way better than Wizards. Sorry Washington.
Here comes the sun and another 75 degree day.
I loved the Basilica one block from my hotel.

Oh Arizona, I may have to make this winter trip an annual thing.


Anonymous said...

Only YOU could make an "In and Out" meal, perched on your lap, look appealing. Glad you had a great trip.

k said...

oh it looks so nice! i am so jealous - if it isn't snowing here, i want it to be warm like arizona.

my life is brilliant said...

Great pictures! I'm totally craving In 'n Out now! Mmm!

steve and randel hambrick said...

no facebook but the blog? hehehe :)