Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Adventure

Sedona was just as gorgeous as I had heard. I woke up bright and early this morning for the two-hour drive, which included a stop at McD's for a yummy McGriddle (the only time I allow myself is when traveling).

Stopping at the visitor's center was the right decision, as the man behind the counter handed me a map and highlighted all the routes to take and stops to make. At nearly every scenic point, I pulled over to snap a picture with Tim (my dSLR). Tim has been "in the shop" for the past few weeks (thanks to an accidental drop by me), so it felt good to have him back. One of my favorite stops was not at a scenic point, but a gallery - one chock full of unique pieces of art - handmade rugs, pottery, crosses, bowls, signs, jewelry, and even rows of chilis and a room full of cacti. And it was all lovely. I think I spent an hour walking through, yet left empty-handed. Everything I liked seemed either too pricey or too impractical. If I'm going to buy something pretty, I need a place to put it.

I pulled over for lunch at a little cafe, ordering the corn chowder and vegetable quesadilla. I had to go Southwestern with my food, of course! Ice cream was also soon to follow.

Being alone wasn't quite so bad. At times I'd turn the radio off and just have quiet time admiring the beauty outside. When I did want music, it was the Christian station, the only one to come in clear - perfect!

I feel so blessed to have had these past two days in Arizona. Now I need to get rested up and geared up for the work week ahead. In just three days, I'll give my first presentation to a large audience. Wish me luck or PRAY FOR ME! :)


cady said...

i love sedona. it's so pretty! good luck with your presentation!

pinksundrops said...

We almost made it to Sedona when my cousins and sisters and I met up in Surprise. A pregnant momma, and a momma with a baby held us back, though. A and I were dying to go!