Monday, February 16, 2009

Friend Can Decorate!

I've mentioned Co-worker/Friend (very original, I know) on this blog several times before, and last year the "co-worker" part of the title was dropped when I moved on to my new job. But we're still very much Friends, capital F, and I semi-recently learned that she, too, was keeping up a blog of her own: Girls Like Cars Too.

She shares my love for decor and estate sale shopping, so imagine my envy when she was able to purchase her first home and have a space to decorate! Lately she's been featuring her home on her blog, so click over and take a look at how cute it is!


pinksundrops said...

Even when one gets the space, still got to have the money! As much I would love to do that, I've so put it on the back burner making friends and travel my priority these days. Doesn't keep me from wishing I had the moolah to do both!!

The Girl said...

You are so sweet!!!!