Sunday, February 01, 2009

Adventures in Arizona

Here I am again on another trip . . alone. I love turning business into pleasure by tacking on a day or two of fun. Just as I did when traveling to L.A. last fall, I came out to Phoenix two days early to enjoy the warm weather and have some new experiences. Great deals on a hotel and rental car were found through Priceline, and both could not have been better. Not only was my hotel room nice, big, and accompanied with a delicious breakfast, but I got the very car I wanted to rent - a Pontiac G6.

So I stayed in Scottsdale last night, right next door to the TPC golf course, home of the annual FBR Open, the most "happening" golf tournament on the PGA Tour. I secured my spot in the grand stand this morning, second row at the tee box of the infamous 16th hole. This hole is known for being the only spot in the entire tour that many professional golfers get a little bit nervous. Nervous because the response from the crowd is one that is forbidden at all other tournaments. The hundreds in the stands and skyboxes won't simply clap politely once the club has been swung. Instead, each golfer's swing is met with either encouraging cheers or discouraging boos. And as the golfer walks away, he'll be heckled until he tips his hat to acknowledge the masses. "Rowdy" is almost an understatement at the 16th hole.

And that is where I was today. Cheering and booing (although never too loudly *smile*) along with the others. My good D.C. friend Em, a San Diego native, had flown in separately to spend the day with her 16th hole veteran friends, and I was glad to not have to attend alone. The weather was hot, a welcome jump in temperature from D.C. at 77 degrees, and we basked in the sun's warmth, finding an empty place in the grass to lay down. After a seven-hour stay, I was tired of the crowds and ready to go, but it's an event I'd definitely come back to in the future.

Em and I parted ways, and I spent the rest of the evening at Fashion Square (big surprise), but not before a drive through In 'n Out.

Sedona is on the agenda for tomorrow - a bit of a road trip, but I'm excited to see a new place.


steve and randel hambrick said...

your life is so exciting!! enjoy this amazing season you're in--you'll look back and appreciate all of the fun, crazy times!

cady said...

i love scotsdale. it sounds like you had a lot of fun! btw, we have a g6. we love it. :)

my life is brilliant said...

I want to go on vacations with you! You always do such cool things! :)