Friday, February 27, 2009

Portland again

Check out these pictures of the trendy hotel I stayed in during a quick trip to Portland this week. Imagine: turquoise velvet chaise lounge. I loved it!

I needed a little posh in that grungy city! I suppose fashion doesn't matter, but caring about your appearance should. It's not evident that anyone there does.

I checked out a new neighborhood this time - Nob Hill, named after the famous area in San Fran, though not nearly as cute. Still, I did snag a cute dress at one of the boutiques. And I enjoyed a delicious "sloppy-jo" at Jo Bar & Rotisserie.

The highlight of my trip was the post-event trip to the Nike ES (employee store). Bank! Let's just say I was a little embarrassed when my boss saw how full my shopping cart was - although I only left with seven items. I'm certainly set with cute workout clothes for all seasons. No more old t-shirts at the gym for me!

Twenty-four hours in Portland was enough for me. I flew up to Seattle as soon as I could. I was expecting rain but got wind and cold temperatures, which in my opinion is worse! Still, it's not stopping me from loving it here. It just gives me an excuse to come back for warmer weather.

One more meeting tomorrow, and my work week will be over. I'm staying around all weekend, and I get to hang out with K! I can't wait!


k said...


And double yay for the sunshine in Seattle today!

my life is brilliant said...

That's awesome that you told your friends about your friend with the brother in the pit crew.

I've referred to you as "my friend in D.C.", "my friend who went to the Coldplay concert", "my friend who's a Nebraska fan", and probably a few others with my friends who know me outside the blogosphere. :)

What's funny is that if you watched that race, you may well have seen my brother. Evidently they showed a clip from a Thursday race to illustrate the dangers of working on pit road. It showed Jeff Gordon running over the foot of an over-the-wall guy from a neighboring team.

That over-the-wall guy was my brother! (Don't worry, he and his foot were fine.)

The Girl said...

Oh, pacific northwest, how I miss thee.